Sex and the City!

I was going to go ahead and add my flower pics, but I just looked at the clock. I have a date tonight with my dh to go see Sex and the City at the Alamo Downtown, and must step in the shower now. I’ll post more later.

One thought on “Sex and the City!

  1. Hi, I found you on Blotanical and came over to read awhile. Found your gorgeous photos! Enjoyed reading about your project, but so sorry about the pond! I’d be tempted to do a bog garden in it, but then there is the waterfall – keep us posted about your saga.

    Barbee, Thanks for reading and for the compliments. I found someone today to help me with the pond; I’ve decided to rework it, keep the waterfall and fill in the rest to create a small, secluded patio for quiet meditation in the garden. Keep your fingers crossed that I can accomplish all that!

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