May flowers

This is what has bloomed in my garden in the month of May.


The Plumbago has always been one of my favorite flowers, and I finally have a bed with enough sun for it to grow. This photo, while a slightly deeper lavender blue than true, shows off why I love this plant.


Another top favorite for me is Bicolor Iris. The first year I had this plant, I barely had any blooms. This year, she is outrageously prolific. There are still buds waiting to show themselves here in early June. She’s only three and already learned how to dress up. I love the grassy leaves against the limestone of the house.


 I got this new lantana because it reminds me of the ones my mother used to grow. A sweet little flower on a tough plant. Sounds like a southern woman to me.


This wonderful Scotch Bottlebrush was an impulse purchase when I first bought my home, before I really knew what I was buying. I’m so glad I did! It LOVES my yard, and the bees love it, and everyone is happy about it. I get more neighbors asking about this magnificent bloomer than anything else.

This sweet Mock Orange was already in place when I bought my home in South Austin. It isn’t prolific because of where the previous owners planted it, and I’m still deciding where to move it. I love the delicacy of the white flower.


Okay, I know, I KNOW. I’m not supposed to waste my money trying to grow Hydrangeas here. But it was SO pretty! I got 4 beautiful huge blooms, pinkish purple in my soil. I’ll just have to see what happens next year. 

 I have been wanting a Rose of Sharon (Althea) for years now, ever since I first saw one. I finally have a place for it with all the new landscape work. Here she is, year one. She says she likes her new home, but needs some company. I gave her a Viburnum for year round companionship, but what else would she enjoy hanging out with?


 These Pentas are always so bright! I put these together in a container, but I can’t remember what the leafy green, semi-succulent plant with it is. Anyone?


Okay, a couple of cheats here. These are annual Begonia container plants that I couldn’t resist. I have a few more “cheats” down below. The color is so amazing. 

 I’m a sucker for anything tropical. Every year I buy an expensive Bougainvillea, and every year it doesn’t bloom beyond the blooms it had on it when I purchased it. I did it again this year. I just adore this plant, but it doesn’t adore me.



What a sweet Geranium! I’ll enjoy it for as long as it can stand it this summer.

I never buy plants at Home Depot, except for when I do. Though I always swear that I’ll only purchase at my favorite local nurseries, this Lemon Petunia called my name when I went in for supplies. The color is an exquisite yellow, though it isn’t handling the hot summer well since this photo.


That’s it for May, 2008! I’ve since been working on my new beds that I put in once the new fence was completed, which enlarged my back yard significantly and changed sun patterns. I hope to have more on bloom day in June. And next year, if all goes well, things should be even bigger and better. (crossing fingers and toes).



6 thoughts on “May flowers

  1. Robin – Welcome to Austin blogging! Your post is lovely and your garden sports such lovely specimens. Thanks for taking the plunge and sharing them with us. I’ll add you to my links list. Hope to “see” you around!

    Thanks so much! I’ve spent the past several days beginning a journal/log of plant purchases. I’m making so many beginners mistakes – can’t remember what species I bought, or where, or what it needs to make it through all four seasons, you name it. The Austin Bloggers help me a lot. I hope to meet you soon as well. Robin

  2. Welcome to blogging, Robin. Now you have two things to be careful of; creating a garden which does not give you too much work and controlling the time you spend reading the wonderful garden blogs. Let me know how you handle both of those. Your pics of flowers are super.

    Jenny, Thank you for the welcome and compliments! And how right you are about both of those things, I’ve already distracted myself WAY too much from my real world work with this, but it’s SO rewarding right now. Your blog is one that I read regularly as well; I’ll add your link to my site. Stay cool!

  3. Welcome to blogging, you are in for a good time with the wonderful bloggers in Austin! Your photos are lovely and I am now crazy about that cute little Iris bicolor.

    Clay and Limestone

    Gail, thanks for the compliments. Well, my yard has clay and limestone, too, and it has lots of shade. Maybe the Bicolor Iris would work for you, too. I really love it! Robin

  4. Hello fellow Texan! All of your flowers are beautiful but I too have a speacial place in my heart for that Lantana. That is the color that my mother grows also and her’s are always HUGE! I’m glad that I found your blog from blotanical and will keep checking back to see progress.

    Hi Shala,
    I read your blog as well – lots of great stories that I can relate to about the trials and tribulations of gardening and how hard the work is! Thanks for reading…my lantana is still small, and I’m not sure I have enough sun for it to ever get really big and beautiful. Do you grow them?

  5. The variegated plant looks like one of the sedum spectabilis clan.

    And the trick to flowering bougainvillea is NO WATER. I had them in my last rental, never watered them (in Phoenix! 8 inches of rainfall a year!) and they did fantastic.

    Jenn, You are the second person to mention this to me. I need to move it then, as right now it gets “sprinkled” whenever the sprinkler system is on. Thanks for the advice! Robin

  6. My bougainvillea didn’t also bloom the following year like you.

    Oh, dear, here it is the first year on my bougainvillea and it already isn’t blooming. I hope it doesn’t stop completely. Several people have told me not to water it much, to let it really wilt between waterings. I’m trying that now. Hope it works! Robin

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