a hole in the bucket

This evening I decided to get a jump start on the Pond Project that is scheduled to begin on Monday. Since I have spent countless days, weeks and lifetimes working on previous holes and leaks in the liner, I felt that this one was a mystery because I just could not figure out where it was leaking. So first things first, I have a small bridge over the pond that needed to have some pieces of decking removed so that we would have access to the pond where we need to work.

Grabbing my power tools – I love those things! – I took off five boards and looked down into the icky, spidery webby, creepy crawly area below, and voila! – a hole in the liner. I cleaned the liner and patched it, feeling pretty pleased with myself. I realized that I could probably now just fill up the entire pond and it would probably hold enough water to run the waterfall and give me a decent pond for the next few months. I say “few months” because I’m sure something will happen to it, it always does.

And while stopping now and filling the pond would save me lots of $$$, I realized that I have become attached to the idea of making the pond smaller, filling in the big area and creating a meditation patio under the trees like I was envisioning.

Which I find amusing, because for years I have resisted filling in the pond because I was so attached to it…now my frontal brain has already moved on and attached itself to something new and different. So, the repairs will still commence on Monday, with the attempt to be reusing the existing liner that is now hopefully leakfree.  If I can avoid having to put in a new liner, that will be tremendous. Because to do that, I have to pry off all the rockwork that has been mortared along the edges of the existing liner and redo it all. Major work!

Does anyone know of a source for cheap fill dirt that is delivered? I’m going to need to fill a really big hole once I’m done with this process.


2 thoughts on “a hole in the bucket

  1. Impressive pond! I’m envious:) Love your blog…it’s my first visit!

    Cheryl, Thanks! On a good day, I also find the pond impressive. But alas, there is STILL a leak somewhere that I am searching for. Thanks for reading; I enjoy your blog as well. Robin

  2. Thanks, I like your other personality as well. I’m a massage therapist, certified yoga teacher and Chinese medicine/Ayurvedic enthusiast as well. I’m part of a womens healing book club/kula…we are reading Maya Tiwari’s Path of Practice, are you familiar with her work? If
    you were going to suggest one book to our group what might that be?

    Happy gardening! Cheryl

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