National Wildlife Habitat Registration

How cool is this? I got my official certification for my yard to be a Wildlife Habitat from the National Wildlife Federation. I found out about this citywide project from Pam/Digging, and am thrilled to participate. And that’s my gnarly hand with the power tool, too!

I have a pond in my yard for water for wildlife, plus native trees and shrubs for protection and nesting. I use compost, and try to avoid chemicals unless I’m just really out of ideas and patience. I’m a big animal lover, and this thrills me to have this.

I love supporting the city goals when they coincide with my own vision. I’m having a hard time agreeing with turning Shady Grove and Pecan Grove on Barton Springs Road from a paradise of century old Pecan and Oak trees into yet more condos. The city council broke my heart on that one. I had a friend who lived in Pecan Grove for almost a decade and she absolutely loved it. It was peaceful, quiet, and filled with wildlife all while being in the midst of the city. Now it’s all gone.

So I’ll do my small part to Keep Things Green in my yard, along with all of ya’ll. And vote. And Hope.


6 thoughts on “National Wildlife Habitat Registration

  1. Kudos to you, and congratulations on your new status! It’s a good thing that you do. 🙂

    Nancy, Thanks for the congrats from Canada. I didn’t recognize what part of Canada you live in; my only familiarity with your gorgeous country is the amazing island of Vancouver. I spent a week in Tofino, way out there on that glorious coast, enjoying the water just as you do. (In fact, I also sail and scuba and ride horses – after reading your blog it appears we have much in common!) And of course, the gardens in Vancouver (I didn’t make it to Victoria) are spectacular. I didn’t have time to tour them, but did get a good look at them while sightseeing. Enjoy your cool summer! Robin

  2. Congratulations. What an honor. I’m going for my certification as well.

    Shirley, thanks – It was like Christmas when I opened the package this week. By the way, I watch your show “Garden Police” on television! Good job – I can’t imagine what crazy days those are when you are filming. A pleasure to be blogging with someone of your caliber. Robin

  3. Good job. I think we are trying to go for a record in Austin. I signed up when I attended a Native Plant Society meeting.I had never heard of it before that. Spread the word among your neighbors.

    I saw another sign posted on another street in my ‘hood when I went walking yesterday. And I do have a neighbor who qualifies, though she didn’t know anything about it. She doesn’t have a computer, so I plan to take her the paperwork so she can apply as well. I love Austin!

  4. Congratulations on your Wildlife designation. It is hard to tell who is the most rewarded, us or the critters. One by one we need to show homeowners how enhanced their lives can be with just the slightest of effort.

    I see you are from Austin. I grew up in Beeville, Texas, and lived for a short time in Pflugerville (when it was a tiny town wayyyyy out from Austin). I’ll be checking back with your intersting blog.

    Thanks for visiting your hometown vicariously through my blog! Austin is trying to get citiwide certification from the National Wildlife Federation as a city certified habitat. There are a lot of homeowners participating, and its fun to walk around even just my own neighborhood and see the signs. Robin

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