Flowers from heaven

I don’t know if my guy felt sorry for me that nothing is blooming in my garden (okay, of course I’m exaggerating, but it feels like nothing), or if he did something wrong that I didn’t know about, or if he is just being the nice guy that he can be. For whatever reason, he showed up a couple of days ago with these gorgeous flowers!

He knows I love the combo of purple and yellow, and he also knows I love these long lasting blooms for cut flowers. The yellow lillies are still opening, and the alstamoeria will last for a couple of weeks if I keep the water clean.

He just earned lots of brownie points.


4 thoughts on “Flowers from heaven

  1. Beautiful arrangement. The purple and yellow combination can’t be beat. You have a great blog. Nice layout. Great content and photos.

    Carol, Thanks for the kudos! Like you, I spent the 80’s in the computer industry (I refer to it as B.P.C. – before PCs) and remember those machines you list in your bio. The Commodore, PCAT, and I can remember the very first MS-DOS – I’ll bet you can, too. I appreciate your comments on my layout – I really like yours as well. I read through your great blog quite a bit, and I still can’t figure out where you are in the Hill Country? Or would you have to kill me if you tell me? 🙂
    Thanks for writing,

  2. Hey Robin – Wow. I don’t meet too many people who remember Commodores or the first MS-DOS! Boy does that take me back 🙂 Thanks for the compliments on my site & for taking the time to visit and look around. We are about 9 miles NW of Dripping Springs.

    Take care. I will be back often.

  3. Lucky you. A bouquet of flowers is a lovely thought.Brownie points are good. Topping up the account is very important to keep the relationship going.

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