The Day of the Dead, I mean, Bloom Day July 08

I’m a day late with my bloom day images because I was truly uninspired to get out in the 105 – yes that’s a one-hundred-five degrees to take pictures. Needless to say, there isn’t much to take pictures of. A lot of my plants are new this year, so they withered a month ago. The ones that are established are hanging in there, but not in a very pretty way. So here’s my favorite bloom right now:

I’ve decided to let you enjoy some of my favorite Garden Art, since it is the most colorful thing in the yard right now, and will be until the fall.

Wait, I forgot! The Crape Myrtles are sort-of blooming, but I didn’t get a picture of them. They are 30 years old, and just don’t bloom a lot anymore. But I do love the trunks, summer and winter.

Here are some “bugs” that have landed amongst the greenery:

And here is one of the new beds this year, showing the Plumbago blooming a bit, the Esperanza green but no blooms, and the Hibiscus covered with buds that never open, just fall off without blooming… sigh. Another good reason for me to move into more succulents. I don’t think I’m a good enough, or caretaking enough gardener to worry with tropicals, as much as I like them.

I suppose this must be an AFGE (You know what those are, right? “Another ….. learning experience.” I seem to have lots of those.

The Bicolor Iris still has a handful of blooms, but even my lantana is green with no blooms. The Flowering Senna isn’t. Daylilies have abandoned all hope. The Bulbine occasionally sends up a little yellow and orange, but it’s so minor I hardly can see it.

Hmm, sounds more like Whining Day than Bloom Day…


2 thoughts on “The Day of the Dead, I mean, Bloom Day July 08

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  2. I couldn’t sleep last night.. and am embarking on a new garden in Austin. I love your site, your humor, and your thoughts on Austin gardening! I have bookmarked you and will visit often.

    I LOVE your August metal blooms, and other garden art. I may invest in art first, then it won’t die right away…. I’m trying to learn first, before I go, although I am dying to start planting.

    wishing you well!!! ..and where is the rain????

    Mary, thanks so much for visiting. Please check out the list of blogs that I read in Austin, there are many master gardeners that actually know what they are doing (I’m far from a master, just learning from experience here). Pam at Digging is extremely helpful; I actually hired her services to come over for an hour and help me do some planning last season. And I’ve read more books than you can imagine; there are some really good ones available in the public library. I’ll put a couple more on my blog that are on my favorites list as well. Good luck! And by the way, what’s rain? Robin

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