Speaking of Good Nurseries, Agave is a fun one to check out.

Another nursery story now, with a happier ending than the last post. After reading the book I reviewed last week, Designing with Succulents by Debra Lee Baldwin, I decided I was ready to begin my succulent garden. I headed out to a place I have visited previously, but at that time wasn’t armed with the knowledge I gained from reading that book. I was really able to appreciate this nursery so much more this time around.

Agave Landscape and Nursery specializes in cacti and succulents, with some very cool choices and exotics that I haven’t seen in other nurseries around. (Though I’ve heard that Gardens has some great succulents, but I haven’t  yet gone to see).  Owned and operated by a young couple, its only less than 3 miles south of the Y in Oak Hill, out 290 West. Great service, fun visit, an easy drive.

I’ll be posting pics of my new succulents and the arrangement I did with it as soon as I get them off my camera. I spent 20 hours over the last two days in the Garden, and finally finished some incomplete projects. It feels so good!

WordPress is having photo issues right now, and photos are randomly not displaying. I’ll post my succulent images and new work after they are back up and running.


3 thoughts on “Speaking of Good Nurseries, Agave is a fun one to check out.

  1. Would love to see your succulents when you get them done!!!

    Julie, one look at your blog makes me afraid to show my pictures! And I MUST HAVE that pink succulent – please tell me where you got it??? Thanks for writing, you’ve given me not only your site, but some great links to check out. And hopefully you’ll be able to help me identify what I’ve bought. Even the place I bought them from – Agave – couldn’t tell me the names. I’ll have pics out there tonight. Robin

  2. Wow, this place isn’t too far from me, but I hadn’t heard of it. Thanks for the recommendation– I’m definitely going to visit! I can’t wait to see how your succulent project turns out. 😀

    Lori, I hope you enjoy your trip to Agave. I love supporting local businesses, especially a young couple trying to make it work. They also have some amazing pots and wrought iron gates to look at. I have the succulents pictured under the post “The Projects Never End, do they?” Robin

  3. Hi Robin,
    I am in deep trouble with one of my Agaves (a nice one), it has had thousands of pups and is now seeding! Amazing. Anyway they are up for grabs, bring some pots with cactus soil and pick as many as you want!
    You can follow the fall of the beanstalk on my postings.
    PS. Your blog is always a good read.

    Wow, thanks for the offer and I will take you up on it! And what a lovely compliment that you like to read my blog. I enjoy yours as well. Robin

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