Bloom Day, August 2008

Since my last bloom day post was so pitiful – I was worn out and discouraged from the heat and my garden was reflecting my own dismay – I decided to get in gear and give it some much needed attention, despite the odds. So over the past month, I battled the heat, sweat, mosquitos, water bills, etc and used seaweed on my plants several times. I also babied them a bit, talking to them and encouraging them to hang in there. So things are looking a bit better in the garden, as is my attitude. Oh, it still looks meager – with so many new plants that just couldn’t flourish in the shockingly early heat wave that never left this year.

Fancy Hibiscus, non-native, not winter hardy

Fancy Hibiscus, non-native, not winter hardy

So, I guess the Garden Fairies decided to reward my positive attitude and I woke up to find 4 hibiscus flowers open today! Those hibiscus are so delicate, and rarely bloom, and this is only the second bloom of the year for one of the plants. So for me to have multiple in one day, bloom day especially, is an amazing sight for sore eyes.

Plumbago, Esperanza, Canna

Plumbago, Esperanza, Canna

Here’s the whole bed. You can see the still empty lattice behind, though the new Tangerine Beauty Crossvines are blooming even while they are tiny. I think they will be gorgeous once they are grown.

The Plumbago makes me happy; I love the color and it cools me off when I look at it. Every evening I get out and just sit for a few minutes and stare at it. As the sun sets, the lavender color seems to glow. I’m definitely going to plant more of that. The Esperanza (Tacoma Stans, yellowbells) is so new that it is just blooming slightly since the seaweed. The Canna, which hasn’t bloomed in a month, also joined in the fun and sent out a bloom this morning to add to the party.

So while it doesn’t look like much to the rest of you with aged gardens, or those of  you who have life-supporting weather, this is a major triumph for me. Not quite at the level of Michael Phelps, but who’s counting?

Aloe Vera with bloom stalk, bloom buds are yellow

Aloe Vera with bloom stalk, bloom buds are yellow

My new succulent container garden seems to be doing well. I had no idea that Aloe Vera plants sent up bloom stalks, yet mine has a healthy one! And the hens and chicks is happily blooming away. They love the seaweed, I have to say.

And since the 1/4″ rain we had last week, my Crape Myrtles are finally blooming for real. They just weren’t doing much of anything, but now I’m looking at more lavender-pink colors in the trees. Gotta love that!

My flowering Senna is about to bloom for the first time ever; I planted it early spring, and it seems to be very happy in its new home. I believe next bloom day I can show it off – it’s just covered in buds.

And last but not least, my Bulbine is finally taking off. Some of them aren’t blooming at all , but several of them are really showing up. Sorry for the bad picture; my light was poor and I couldn’t keep the camera from using the flash, which blew out the plants.


3 thoughts on “Bloom Day, August 2008

  1. Your garden is filling in and looking good, Robin. I know it must be hard keeping plants going that were just planted in the spring or early summer. What a rough summer it’s been! But you’ve chosen some survivors and beautiful ones to boot.

    Pam, thanks for visiting. Yes, I can’t miss one of my watering days or everything pays for it dearly. I’ll be glad when things are more established. I took your advice to heart and began to purchase more than just one of everything. I now see the value in clumping groups of the same plant together. Thanks for putting up with so many of my novice questions! Robin

  2. This has been a great year for plumbago, hasn’t it, Robin? I’m appreciating their flowers too! Usually my hardy hibiscus are blooming like mad but this year they’re sulking. Maybe we’ll luck out and some rain will fall to make all our hibiscus happy.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  3. That makes me feel a little better, Annie. I have a Moy Grande hibiscus that is several years old. The poor thing has been moved 4 times, and basically ignored as I gave up on it blooming much. There was one location that it finally was able to do a little bit of blooming, but it was so ugly when it wasn’t blooming that I just couldn’t leave it in such a prominent place. This year it hasn’t even put on a bud. Maybe I just got a lemon? Robin

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