ohmigod, IT’S RAINING!!!!!!!

A quiet, sweet gentle rain! As in water falling from the sky! My plants thank you, my cat thanks you, my foundation thanks you, my roof thanks you, my pond thanks you, my trees thank you, my fence thanks you, and my soul thanks you!


4 thoughts on “ohmigod, IT’S RAINING!!!!!!!

  1. Sounds like the rain was much needed! I’m glad for you. We had some very heavy rain during some thundershowers last evening. But we’ve had a lot of humid days and showers this summer so everything is lush and green. 🙂

  2. Nancy, thanks for dropping by. And yes, this little bitty rain is much needed. Supposedly, we might get a bit more tomorrow, but I’m not holding my breath. I’m envious of your storms; I grew up in North Texas, which has the most awesome lightning/thunderstorms, and I don’t get much of that here in Central Texas. However, this year, it’s been NO rain at all, much less a storm! Enjoy your geraniums (I like them, too). Robin

  3. Robin – Isn’t the rain glorious? I’m not sure how much we will REALLY get this week, but we had a combined 1/2 inch Friday and Saturday and last night we had .14, so we’re getting there. The plants are so so happy. And I am, too — I keep thinking about how much this is helping my outrageous water bill!

  4. *pumps fist of Austinite solidarity*

    As I mentioned to Pam/Digging, it’s amazing in this year of starvation, what a small bone we’ll take to keep us happy. I also only got about 1″ total over these past several days, but I’ll take what I can get. Robin

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