Way Cool Garden Cart

Lookie what I got! My SO found this on Craigslist and thought I would like it. You betcha! I don’t have a shed or garage or wheelbarrow, so I typically carry things around in a bucket. Invariably, something I need gets left in the wood cabinet in the backyard that holds all my gardening “stuff”. This is a sweet little cart that folds up for storage, and the canvas can be removed for washing. Look at all the pockets! It is lightweight, easily maneuvered, and so far I’m entranced with it. My cart looks almost new – the seller didn’t use it but maybe a time or two. Gotta love a bargain!

I got to use it yesterday, and it is really awesome. Those big wheels actually will go up and down stairs easily, and it is incredibly lighweight. And, it was a gift from my guy! All is good…

Ames SoftSide Cart

Ames SoftSide Cart


3 thoughts on “Way Cool Garden Cart

  1. Oooh Ribin – that is way cool! I totally get it about something to cart your tools around in. My favorite things these days are those round rubber tubs with handles. I have a large one for weeds in purple and a small one for tools in green. Just love em! How’s it working?

  2. I’ve discovered that this wonderful little cart also can climb steps easily! I used it tonight and needed to pull it around to the front yard. I loaded it up, and took off ( it is SO lightweight!) and the large wheels came down the deck steps remarkably easily. Hmmm, a bucket for the weeds and trimmings would be a good thing…

  3. Hello Robin,
    Thanks for posting your discovery of the Ames SoftSide Cart.
    We’d like to look into offering it in the “Other Cool Tools” section of the WayCoolTools On Line Store.
    We’re Enjoying your Blog.

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