Glass Mulch rocks!

I’ve been waiting for cooler weather to finish a path in my garden with recycled glass mulch free from the city. Then a gardener friend told me that she could get a yard of it for $10 at Eco Depot, scooped with a loader into the back of her truck! It was totally worth that to me to avoid having to go shovel it into buckets and get it to my home. She brought it over and we wheelbarrowed it into my awaiting weed-blocked pathway. My garden now has a little bling that I love.

The mulch is mostly beer bottles that have been crushed and tumbled in sand to smooth the edges. I’ve walked on it in bare feet with no problems, though I probably wouldn’t let small children around it. Mostly clear, green and brown, this close up shows a little blue occasionally as well.

I’ve never been to Eco Depot myself, but my friend tells me it has rocks, flagstones and other hardscaping materials. Located near the city of Bee Cave, I need to take a trip and see it for myself.

I love my new path, but my kitty cutely refuses to walk on it, choosing instead to walk along the bricks that line it.

Update: A new picture of how I modified this path to look even better is posted. I never liked the bricks lining the sides of the path after I put it in, and changed it to have a cleaner edge, as well as added some stepstones.


17 thoughts on “Glass Mulch rocks!

  1. I like the look of those. The mixture of colors makes it look more organic. It would be nice to have something like that around here but I have never heard of a place that sells class like this.

    Yes, I like the organic look, too, even while adding some sparkle. A nice combo! I think it would also look nice as a base around your succulent collection. Robin

  2. Very cool, what an interesting use of old glass. I wonder if it is available here?

    Eric, it is an interesting and fun way to recycle glass. I don’t know about your city in Florida, but Austin is very aggressive about recycling and reusing, with many city programs like this one. I suggest looking at your city’s official website to see what you can find out. Also, if you Google “Eco Depot”, you’ll see that there are several locations. Possibly one is near you. Robin

  3. That’s nice looking, Robin. I’ve heard about the free glass mulch from the city, but the Eco Depot sounds more convenient. Thanks for the tip.

    You are so welcome; happy I can be of help in some small way. I love the look of it for something whimsical and fun. My pathway is in the shade, so I hope that the glass won’t get too hot as well. Robin

  4. I really like the way that looks! What a bonus that its recycled glass. Eco Depot is right up the road from me and I haven’t been there in ages….guess its time I go see what they’ve got going on! Thanks for sharing!

    Karla, I like how it looks, too. I plan to plant some sort of cover to go over the edges – maybe lariope or something similar – to cover up the bricks. Let me know what else you find at Eco Depot for hardscaping – I can always use more stuff for the garden! Robin

  5. I love this!
    A neighborhood front yard has used this all around, looks cool, it has always caught my eye when I drive past it. I just never knew where to get it. Thank you for this. You have given me a great idea for a top dressing for a Lavender bed I will be planting soon…risky I know!
    I bet Eco Depot will be wondering why, suddenly, all these people are turning up asking about recycled glass!

    ESP, I’m so glad you like it. I’ve also put it in a front bed with step stones placed in it. I also plan to get some to use as mulch for my succulent containers. By the way, I can certainly relate to your pond saga. I had a similar death situation here, which I call the Fish Holocaust, years ago that I hate remembering. However, a certain flower bed is now very fertile…

  6. It is beautiful. I love all the colors. And to walk on it barefoot? It must make a nice crunching noise.

    Tina, I love the colors as well. And I do walk on it barefoot – though a little bit more slowly than I do on the earth! And yes, a cool crunchy noise accompanies. Robin

  7. It is very attractive. I like it especially the mix.

    thanks for writing. It IS attractive. Robin

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  9. A question concerning crushed glass. How did you go about cleaning it? When I picked it up at the landfill in Austin, it has a grayish tone, due to the small glass particles. Is it just a matter of laying it down and watering it over time, or do I need to rinse it some other way? Thanks in advance.


  10. David, when you first get the glass mulch, it is just buried in the sand they used to tumble it. When you put the glass in place, as you water it (and someday when it gets rained on), all the sand will sift to the bottom and only the sparkly glass remains. That happens pretty quickly, too, so don’t worry about it. And surprisingly, once in place, you can use a leaf blower on a low setting and it will blow leaves off the mulch without moving much mulch at all. It’s turned out to be a good choice for me all around; I hope you enjoy it in your garden!

  11. Eco Depot does NOT carry crushed glass. This is a mistake. The Austin Landfill off of 812, on the other side of town, will give you the glass. I’m glad I called before driving all the way out there and then across town. Jan 2010.

  12. Tracy, at the time this post was created, Eco Depot was where my helper got the mulch. I just called them last week (Dec 09) because I wanted to get some more, and they told me they did have it. I don’t know…

  13. Just found your blog and I love it. I’m a recent huge fan of glass mulch and am working on an installation at my south austin duplex. I have some “in progress” photos on my blog “” and am delighted to hear you’ve been walking on it with no problem.

    Just a heads up, the city will now load the glass for you for $9.64 (bring your own truck).

  14. Welcome, Lori! I’m so glad you enjoy the glass mulch like I do. After a numbers of years, it has really settled into the path and doesn’t dislodge much at all. I’m happy to know that about it. And yes, we did make use of the 9.64 dumping fee a couple of times; it’s quite the good deal from the city.

  15. Its called glass rock and is only sold through TDS, Eco Depot or Garden Ville. its sold by the ton or bag. give them a call at Eco depot all the emplyees are very helpful and nice.

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