Zilker Gardens Cactus and Succulent Show

The Cactus & Succulent Show & Sale presented by the Austin Cactus & Succulent Society was at Zilker Gardens over Labor Day weekend. It was an enjoyable event – primarily because it was inside in the air conditioning! I wasn’t able to attend until Monday, and since the event had started on Saturday, the tables were pretty picked over. I did manage to pick up a few cuties, though.

Please don’t even think of asking me to name these things; I’ve decided to not even try. I’m assuming they are succulents, since after all I purchased them at the Succulent Show put on by the Succulent Society. Hopefully they will live through the summer and we’ll see through the winter.

Today they finally were put into their new homes – pots that can be brought inside in the winter. There was one pot that I was so proud of when I purchased it – I got it for $4.99 at an outlet store and saw the identical pot at a nursery for $40! The one difference – and I thought – no big deal, it needed more holes drilled in the bottom of it. Okay, this little pot had 4 different compartments, and each one needed two small holes drilled. I bought a special drill bit for pottery at HD, and proceeded to create a wonderful pot.

30 minutes later, I had one hole drilled. They had warned me that the process was “a little bit slow” at the store, but who knew it would take all day to drill 8 holes! After each hole, I took a break and worked in the yard to let the drill cool down. Of course, I took no pictures to show you the process – they would have just shown sweat running down in front of the camera anyway.

The good new is that we only hit 96 degrees (F) today! A veritable cold front…well, there was a nice breeze this morning, anyway.


3 thoughts on “Zilker Gardens Cactus and Succulent Show

  1. I’m jealous, not about your drilling but your succulents. I want more! I went to the a succulent/cactus sale form the San Antonio society and got a few good succulents. Sorry to hear about how long it takes to drill those holes. They look great good luck.

  2. Oh, man, I missed that sale. Is there some sort of mailing list for the Zilker gardens to find out when their plant sales are? I’ve only heard about them after the fact. šŸ˜¦

    I had a succulent very similar to the one in the 4″ pot second from the left. I made the mistake of putting it in the ground, and a week later, I walked by to see that the rosettes were mostly gone and there were pillbugs rooting around in what was left. Hopefully you’ll have much better luck with them in a pot! šŸ™‚

    Lori, I hope I have success, too! I’ve put many a succulent directly into the ground, only to lose it quickly. I don’t know of a mailing list…earlier this year I went to the Zilker Calendar of Events and put the things I wanted to attend on my Outlook Calendar. I’ve found that’s the only way I can actually attend things around town, otherwise I’m like you and find out about it AFTER the fact! Robin

  3. Winter is chancy, Robin – you probably have to protect those succulents.

    I bought an unlabeled plant at a big box store because it looked cool and was some kind of succulent. One piece went out to the deck and it grew well, filling a good-size container on the deck. The other piece stayed puny on a windowsill inside. The first freeze turned the deck plant into mush but I still have the other one 6-years later. A kind person at one of the Succulent Society sales identified my plant as one of the Haworthias.

    You are one determined person! I’m amazed the pot didn’t crack in half from the stress.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

    Annie, I actually did plant most of my succulents in containers, just so I can bring them indoors. However, one that I’ve had for over 8 years now has frozen a few times and come back with a flourish each year. It has to be my favorite, just because of its determination to show up and be counted each spring. And you know, some people call it “determination” and others *might* refer to it as “stubborn bullheadedness”. thanks for the kind words!

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