Go Ike, Go!

I realized the other day that since April, my yard has had less than 2 inches total rainfall. And nearly 60 days of over 100 degree heat! I didn’t get the rains that north Austin or the Hill Country received, and everything just seems to skirt around me. So pardon my political incorrectness…I’m rooting for Hurricane Ike to build up momentum and bring the rain on into Austin!


3 thoughts on “Go Ike, Go!

  1. Me too, but please not 12″ I have heard in the past of terrible rainstorms that took lives and flooded people out. Rather like the 19″ they had in Marble Falls last year. My husband has been busy battening down the hatches!

    Jenny, I know Marble Falls really took a horrible hit in that rain and are still pulling out of it. Latest projections for Ike make me feel like its going to just do the same thing Edoard did for Austin – which was give us 108 degrees with no rain. These men are just going to have to treat us better! Robin

  2. Ha! After six weeks of daily rain, I have just had my first day in the garden – weeding, weeding, weeding! Here in Wales, the potatoes must be dug up before the first frosts, and the onions set to dry. All the flowers are running to seed, just a few late gems. Time now to set fair for winter! Hope you get some rain soon!

    Six weeks of rain sounds like heaven to me, Cherry. I’m sure you are happy for the sun, though, so I’ll ship you some on the next boat. Would you care to have 40 degrees more for your temperature? I’ll easily let go of that much. By the way, we got NOT A DROP of rain, not even cloudy skies, from this huge hurricane. Robin

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