Butterflies in the Garden

I’m not so talented (or is it really patient?) to wait for a butterfly to land near enough to me to capture a photo, so I’ll just have to tell you about it. Today was my best day ever for butterflies in my yard. They love the Flowering Senna, and several of the other flowers that are going right now. I saw what I believe is a Swallowtail, and several large yellow ones, and other assorted types. It was such a delight, I almost felt like I was in Zilker Gardens, or at least Natural Gardener. I can’t wait for my young plants to be older and more prolific, when I can enjoy even more of this type of display.


3 thoughts on “Butterflies in the Garden

  1. They just make you smile when they are flittering around you in the garden, don’t they? Even without the photo, I can picture them fluttering around. So glad they like your garden.

    It really makes me smile and feel child-like when I see them. And today, I sat and watched a hummingbird just a few feet away from me. Of course, he disappeared once I came back with my camera…but I enjoyed it nonetheless! Robin

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