My very first Brugmansia

I bought 3 Brugmansia at Barton Springs Nursery last spring; they had a great sale on their large plants for $6 each, and I eagerly purchased 2 pumpkin color, and 1 something else colored. I know at least one of them was the classic “Charles Grimaldi” brug, and I’m not sure if this is the one blooming or not. I babied them through the record-setting heat and drought of our hell summer of ’08, figuring if I could just keep them alive then perhaps they might bloom another year. While the stalks grew like a beanstalk, something kept eating the leaves as they came out, so I ended up with 5′ tall stalks with only leaves on the top like an umbrella. I’ve noticed other bloggers mentioning the same thing happening to their brugs this year, so I’m not sure what to make of it, but I know I’m not alone.

So a couple of weeks ago, one of the three began to bloom! This photo shows it with still a few buds to go, and they did all eventually open as you can see in the second picture. I didn’t get the evening-time fragrance that people talk about, but perhaps that will come next year. Hopefully, the other two will bloom then as well. I’ve now cut them back to the ground and mulched over them (I’ve read several places that’s the best way to prevent freezing the roots for these plants), and I look forward to watching them come out next year.


I planted these on the east side of the house, next to the fence. They only get morning sun, and are moderately protected. I decided to add the passalong Datura seeds to the same bed that I received from both Lori, Gardening of Good and Evil, as well as Diana, Sharing Nature’s Garden. I’m picturing an interesting mixed bed of trumpet  plants – I hope I didn’t screw up by planting them together. It’s one of my many clueless experiments; some work, some don’t.


I also had Garden Fairy envy from reading others blogs, and had been watching for a fairy to add to my garden all season, to no avail. As I was walking through the yard the other day, I realized that I DO already have a fairy, I just didn’t recognize her. Here she is…


I have more things to blog about once I get the images prepped. I’ve been planting my first ever bulbs! What did you plant this season?


3 thoughts on “My very first Brugmansia

  1. Interesting about your brugs. I’ve had one in a pot for years and have been frustrated that it only blooms in the fall. But maybe that’s the norm? I also get caterpillars munching away at them every year, so they look like yours with long stalks and everything at the top. Love your Garden Fairy. 🙂

  2. Jean, everyone who has posted this year about their Brugs has a similar picture. Maybe that’s just what they do? I know in Austin, they only bloom in the fall. I hope next year all of mine will bloom! Thanks for writing.

  3. Hi Robin,
    Thanks for posting that nice photo. ‘Charles Grimaldi’ looks a bit different, and I think that what you have got there is a variety of B. versicolor.

    I looking forward to see you post photos of your mixed Angel’s Trumpets bed, when they come back and start to bloom again. I am sure that it will look nice.

    Regarding the evening fragrance … My Brugmansia has the strongest fragrance on evenings, where the days has been hot and the evenings are cool and humid, but the intensity can also vary depending on the species. Brugmansia aurea is the one that has the strongest scent. It virtually can fill the half of your garden. On the other hand there is B. sanguinea, which doen’s smell at all.

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