As most of the Austin Garden Bloggers are excitedly talking about last night and this morning, we had a very out of character December snowfall! My favorite weatherman, Jim Spencer, told me that the hill country might see a little sleet, and that the city would get in the upper 30’s, but he really did NOT expect the city to get much of anything beyond a .10″ smattering of rain. I began hearing sleet about 8:30, and it went on long enough to make my deck sound crunchy when I stepped outside. Then about 11:00, the fat snowflakes began! There’s about 1/2″ on the hood of my car.

Fortunately, here’s what I was doing earlier in the day. In the 81 degree heat of the day (a new record high that preceded the snowfall by just a few hours), I loaded up my new baby greenhouse! I just needed something for my pots of succulents, as I have no room indoors near a light source for them. I found this on Amazon:

20081207greenhouse-boxIt is covered with plastic that has a zipper in the front to open on the days when the weather is once again sunny and warm. I opened the box and dumped it out – yikes! –

20081207greenhouse-partsAs I had read the reviews on Amazon, I knew that putting it together should be simple. I also learned that I should glue it together, rather than just pushing the rods into the holes, so I could move it without it falling apart, as the reviewers complained of. So I got started….


Okay, that seems pretty straightforward, I think I can do this.


I’m getting the hang of it now. Only about 20 minutes has passed at this point. I can live with that.

20081207greenhouse-finalTa-da!! The completed baby greenhouse. After the glue dried, I easily moved it to a spot against my house, protected from the north winds. And loaded it up with my plants, since Jim was predicting a cold night. Of course, I thought, this probably wouldn’t be enough protection for the succulents if we get ice or snow, but since Jim didn’t predict that, I’m sure it will be fine…

20081207greenhouse-snowHere it is, actually the morning after the snow once it warmed up enough for me to get outside and take a picture. I had placed towels around the bottom, as the plastic doesn’t reach to the ground. Given the condensation on the inside of the plastic, that’s a nice indicator that it is definitely warmer inside of there than it is outdoors. I’ll open it up to the air again once it stays above 40 degrees throughout the day (probably tomorrow).

20081207greenhouse-snow-closeupAs I peak through the plastic with my camera, everything appears to be well and happy. I hope so!


5 thoughts on “Snow???

  1. Hi Robin, Your little greenhouse looks nice, and seems to be working well! Congrat’s on the snow (lucky for you, it was just a little). I don’t have snow yet, but wouldn’t be able to use a greenhouse like that, since it really does get cold here in VA. But it I could have one, that looks like it’s just perfect for a small amount of plants. Take care, Jan

  2. Jan, thanks for the note! I’m hoping it will be enough for here, as we are getting into the 20’s tonight! Very unusual for Austin at this time of year, so hopefully the ground is still warm enough that the plants are well protected. Your blog is beautiful, the beautifully detailed pictures as well as the thoughts accompanying them. I’m adding you to my blogroll! Robin

  3. It’s been a bizarre year for weather patterns, that’s for sure. 🙂 Thanks for the link and I’ll add your first snow to the main page sometime today.

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