Johnson City Light Festival

pyracanthea20081If you have never travelled the Texas Hill Country Christmas Lighting Trail, then you must put it on your list of “Things to Do in Austin during the holidays”. The hill country towns of Boerne, Burnet, Dripping Springs, Fredericksburg, Goldthwaite, Johnson City, Llano, Marble Falls, New Braunfels, Round Mountain, and Wimberley all put on an amazing display of artistic, innovative, and just darn dramatic light shows. The day after Thanksgiving, my family and I traveled to Fredericksburg for the flea market and street shopping. My only request of the day was that we stay there until dark so we could see the lights there and in Johnson City on the way home. Johnson City (home to LBJ and LadyBird) has always amazed me; I cannot imagine how long it took, nor the energy consumed, to create the lighting display at the Power Company Building. My picture (taken with a cell phone) doesn’t do it justice, as this is but one tiny part of the entire display.

The picture is a little green, yes – because the grass is green this time of year in most parts of the hill country. And this photo didn’t even use a flash, you will be amazed at how well lit the grounds are underneath; it feels a bit like a fairy land.


While I set aside that part of my brain that is shocked at the usage of electrical resources, my artful brain that appreciates what they have done for all of us to enjoy. The courthouse is also lit with thousands (millions?) of lights, though to me, not on equal ground to the Power Company.

I played with this image a little to give it an old-fashioned feel; it shows the number of people that were out that night, enjoying the wonderful weather and seasonal display.


I am still impressed with how they traced each and every branch on these old oak trees, even the small ones, with strings of lights. The manpower it must take!

Be prepared on weekends for bumper to bumper traffic in the little towns, though it can be charming even with that. People sell hot cider, hot chocolate and other street foods, and the quaint small-town feel is comfortable and inviting.

Be sure to let me know if you post images on your blog of the other towns on the trail! I want to see them. Leave me a comment and link to your post if you will.

Merry Christmas!


4 thoughts on “Johnson City Light Festival

  1. Great post. I live in Austin too and am trying to deal with this crazy weather we’ve had this year. I say if you have one plumbago bloom left it’s nice that it’s such a perfect one.

  2. thanks for commenting. It is a sweet bloom, isn’t it? I have nearly a dozen Plumbago in my yard because it’s such a favorite of mine.

  3. Seems like you still have a lot of blooms! You’ve got all those nice berries…I didn’t even think to add those to the mix! Your plumbago is still perky…mine looks exausted!

  4. Cheryl, one of the beauties of close up photography is that it makes everything look so lush! I have single blooms left on those plants, so not so many really. And I enjoy the berries, even if they aren’t technically blooms, they certainly add color to the yard right now. Thanks for writing.

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