Merry Christmas!


Many years ago, I realized that it was silly for me to decorate at Christmas. With no children around, it was only for myself, and it became more bother than it was worth. With my champagne taste and beer budget, I realized that the type of decor I like just wasn’t possible, so I chose to do none at all. There are plenty of decorations everywhere else for me to enjoy, and I partake of those opportunities all over town, and neighboring towns.

Be that as it may, my S.O. decided he wanted to have a little decor in the house this year. So I opted to buy a live plant of some sort, along with some poinsettias, and do a small scene. I liked the Rosemary plants available shaped in the conical tree shape, but I thought they were a bit pricey. I found some poinsettias and  this lovely Norfolk Pine tree on sale, so I snagged that instead. (I’ll put it outdoors most of the year in some shade in a container, and water it as often as I can remember. Most likely it won’t make it, but it will be fun for a while. It will give an unusual shape in my yard of natives and tropicals.) I ran to Garden Ridge and grabbed a few sale decorations, and I was done.

So here’s my holiday decor, in its entirety. Merry Christmas and more importantly, peace and inner prosperity to all!



13 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

  1. That is a beautiful display and I’m sure it will perk up your holiday spirits. I love those Norfolk Island Pines — good luck with it!

  2. Linda, you’re so cute! No, the word is perfect! It’s just that it’s a great word, and I didn’t realize how much I liked it until I heard you say it. Your English is wonderful, and probably better than mine. Sorry if I made you feel confused! Robin

  3. Wow, what an arrangement. Is it on the front door? It is quite stunning though. I being manly and all must leave such things to the one with the eye for such things. It would look like the after Christmas compost pile if I did it.

  4. Thanks, Bob! Nope, not at the front door, but in my living room, atop a small table covered with a white cloth. Tonight it has a few gifts around the base. Believe me, that “manly” talent you have is much more useful more often than being able to decorate a holiday tree. Your work has impressed me many times!

  5. Merry Christmas to you, too! And your decorations are gorgeous. I’m afraid that I haven’t decorated at all for Christmas since I moved to Texas– I have a hard time believing it’s the holidays when there’s no wind chill! I do enjoy everyone else’s lights and decorations, though, and I’m hoping that next year I’ll have the outdoor outlets fixed so my house can join the neighborhood show. 🙂

  6. Lori, welcome back to bloggerland! I’ve missed you! I understand what you mean about having a warm Christmas. I grew up in North Texas, and we definitely bundled up at Christmastime much more often that I do here. But it’s so much easier to enjoy other’s decorations, isn’t it? Merry Christmas and Happpy New Year to you, too.

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