January ’09 Bloom Day – a little late


I didn’t cheat, really – I took the images on the 15th, but didn’t get to post until today. Above is a little green-leaf Oxalis that is the brightest thing in the garden right now.

This ice plant has continued to bloom, despite the fact that it is unprotected through the below-freezing days and nights, as well as a bit of snow that we’ve had this year.

The picture turned out bad because the Northeasterly wind wouldn’t stop blowing, but this is a purple lantana. It’s the only bloom on it right now, but I’m impressed it even has this much.

These leaves are on that same Lantana. I think they are so pretty right now, even though what I’m actually seeing is frost damage, I believe.

And this concerns me; some bulbs that were planted in November are already starting to grow. This is several Pink Double Ranunculus bulbs with vigorous growth already. We haven’t yet hit the coldest weather we will have this year, and I’m concerned I will lose them to freeze.

And this is good news, bad news. The bad news is that I believe this is my Heirloom Byzantine Gladiolus bulb starting to grow already. I’m concerned with the early growth on it, too. The good news is that the squirrels didn’t get it! I only bought two of these bulbs, because they cost $10 APIECE from Southern Bulb company. I felt if I could get them started with a couple, they would spread out eventually. Then, soon after I planted, I found holes in the ground and I was so PO’d! Hopefully, this one will survive.

And last, another non-flower GBBD photo like the last couple, is some beautiful foliage from the dwarf Nandina. These are the only form of Nandinas I enjoy; they stay small and get this great color in winter. They also do not berry, so they aren’t invasive.

I enjoyed the GBBD posts myself yesterday, thanks for letting me be late to the party! I was so excited about my new Tools, that I forgot to write about the garden…

Thanks to Carol, May Dreams Gardens, for creating Garden Bloggers Bloom Day. Visit her post for a list of other Bloom Day posts.

10 thoughts on “January ’09 Bloom Day – a little late

  1. I love the textured look in the petals of the first blooms you show. I have a purple oxalis with tiny white flowers. They are so precious. Also the nandina. Always good color on that one.

  2. Such a pretty little plant, the oxalis. I only have the white one but it has survived all kinds of neglect. I did buy a hybrid but it didn’t survive.

  3. I’ve never purchased any Oxalis, but I have both green and purple volunteers in several places in the yard. They are very pretty, I agree.

  4. Carol, I can only imagine the cold and snow that ya’ll are going through this season. Stay inside and we Austin Bloggers will try to keep you warm with a few flowers that survive the drought. Thanks for visiting.

  5. Chris, I’ve never lived somewhere where I didn’t have some winter blooms, so its hard for me to imagine what that must be like. But the heat is certainly why I visit those paces in the summertime! Thanks for writing.

  6. Your blooms are lovely and I didn’t know that the dwarf nandina wasn’t invasive…awesome! Congrats on your new tools…I have tool envy now!

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