Proud Mama

It’s my very first Grape (my memory mistake; this one is actually called Delft Blue)  Hyacinth! Oh, why didn’t I plant these before? The scent, the purple intensity, the fragrance, the butterflies, the smell, the color, the bees, the natural perfume, the happy garden!


This is the only bloom so far in my newly planted bulb bed, and what a way to start. While I was sitting outside just admiring these flowers, a big, beautiful Swallowtail Butterfly drank for at least five minutes on these blooms. Of course, I wasn’t sitting there with my camera, so when I came back from getting it he was gone. But he is still there in the pictures in my head, which is more important to me anyway.

So I did capture this tiny fellow, which I think is really a moth and not a butterfly, but still cute nonetheless.


I’ve been working in the garden while the contractors demolish my house; soon I’ll have images to show you of the new bed and paths I’m putting in. And hopefully, new images of flowers beginning to show themselves with these first signs of spring.


8 thoughts on “Proud Mama

  1. The hyacinths are gorgeous, I have 5 common pink ones. I will be adding more, they now have a black one! Not so sure about that, maybe it’s just really dark red. I actually saw a swallowtail last week!! Spring is coming.

  2. Darla, I’ve never seen a black, or even dark red, one. It would be pretty to add the pink ones to these intense purples that I have. Yes, Spring is coming isn’t it? Unfortunately for us, that also means that summer nears.

  3. Diana, the Byzantine Glads and Iris are both peeking out, as are the Cannas. However, I think they are all at least a month or two away from blooms. I definitely need to steal your idea and add the daffodils with the hyacinths; that’s stunning.

  4. Very nice! My grape hyacinths are little things. Yours are much bolder and showier. I admired Byzantine iris on Linda’s Central TX Gardener blog last year. Looking forward to seeing yours.

  5. Pam, these Hyacinths are definitely making a gorgeous statement in the garden. The scent is amazing and the intense color is gorgeous. I hope they continue like this every year.

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