Signs of Spring in my Garden

mountainlaurel20090302_0635This Mountain Laurel struggled through its first 3 years of life. I moved it 3 times to find a happy home, and finally last year settled on this spot. It added much needed healthy greenery last year, but no blooms.


So I am celebrating the upcoming blooms of my baby Mountain Laurel. Since this native small tree/shrub grows SO slowly, I’m excited to see her celebrating her 4th spring with blooms. Once they fully blossom, these gorgeous dark purple flowers will scent the neighborhood with soda-pop Grapette smell, a delight in Austin in the Spring. And the butterflies will be showing up en masse as well.


I believe this is a newly planted Rain Lily blooming, even though we’ve had no rain. Purchased at the Zilker Bulb Society show about a month ago, I had forgotten about this planting until it showed up two days ago. Can someone please correct me if I’m wrong in my identification? I didn’t know that I had bought a lavender form, I thought it was pink!

Update: Lori of Gardener of Good and Evil, has correctly identified this plant as a Spring Starflower. Apparently a volunteer, and it is continuing to bloom here in early March. The good news is, I was mistaken about forgetting! 🙂



8 thoughts on “Signs of Spring in my Garden

  1. Ah, I just now sent you an email! Now I know who you are. I’ve been commenting here, but didn’t know you were one and the same as with the other site. So now I know. Serendipity? I love your blooms. Perfect way to end my day. In my blue room with blue blooms!

  2. Ah, blue flowers, always my favorite. 🙂

    I think that your rain lily might be a spring starflower. Your picture looks really similar to pictures Tom Spencer’s taken of his spring starflower over at Soul of the Garden.

  3. Lori, thanks for the ID. I just looked at Tom’s site, and I do believe you are right! It must be a volunteer – gotta love that. I have a few more blooms on it this week, it will be interesting to see how it progresses.

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