Purple, Lavender and Amethyst

Pam/Digging assured me this Amethyst Flame Iris was a hardy producer when she passed it along to me last fall. I anxiously awaited the spring to find out if there really is enough sunshine for blooms in my newly planted bulb bed.


Apparently, there is enough!


So far, my variegated Souvenir de Bonn Abutilon purchased along with Diana, Sharing Nature’s Garden, at Barton Springs nursery, is blooming happily away. Lori, Gardener of Good and Evil, tells me she’s heard the variegated form isn’t so hardy, so I suppose I’ll soon find out how it handles our Austin weather extremes. (And aren’t I feeling like the name dropper…the other day, when I was having lunch with Michele, you know – Obama – she mentioned how much she loves the Austin Garden Bloggers. Oh yeah, I’m totally full of it.)


It seems that this Ivy Geranium was really happy in my tiny portable greenhouse through the winter, and began blooming last week. I set it out this past weekend to get some air in the 80 degree temps we’ve been getting, uncharacteristically, in March.


And just in case I was continuing to worry about not having enough sun in the bulb bed for hardy blooms, the Iris is showing me signs of things to come soon. So many buds for her first year in my garden!


And this Purple Heart bloom, along with unpictured Oxalis, lavender Trailing Lantana and Spring Starflower, is hitting hard that all early spring blooms in my garden are all some shade of lavender to purple. Note to self: enough already, add some yellow for contrast (Narcissus and Daffodils) and some pinks for softness during our next planting season, next fall.


I spent many hours in the sunshine on Saturday doing jobs other than planting and enjoying the garden. I put 80 feet of new edging in all around using Benda Board (recycled plastic that is easily molded to curves), and recycled the recently removed kitchen tiles as step stones into the recycled glass mulch obtained free from the city of Austin.


And I can’t help it; I have to end with one more look at the Amethyst Flame!


Is Spring happening yet in your garden? What colors do you notice the most of in your early spring blooms? And what do you wish you had more of?


20 thoughts on “Purple, Lavender and Amethyst

  1. Beautiful blooms. Love the walkway too! Witing on the sunshine to appear so I can take some photos for Bloomin’ Tuesday.

  2. I haven’t heard about Bloomin’ Tuesday, Darla, but that gives me an excuse to post pics before Garden Bloggers Bloom Day. Thanks for visiting.

  3. I’m sure wishing I knew where to get some of that glass mulch! I’ve seen it in magazines, but had no idea how to get it. You have such lovely photos today. One of those just budding irises look like the point of a purple pencil.

  4. I know it’s available online, Brenda, but it certainly isn’t free that way. I love it, too. And those buds became blooms today!

  5. Johnny Appleseed, look out! We’ll have to rename our generous friend “Pammy Amethyst Root” in honor of all the divisions she’s passed along. Your Amethyst Flame has done spectacularly well, Robin!

    Do you like the floor better now that’s outside? Very creative repurposing, that path is.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  6. Annie, I love the floor tiles outdoors. And I also love the “knowing” that they come from the kitchen. It gives a great piece of interest to that area of the yard that it needed. And yes, Pammy Amethyst Root has certainly given me a lovely passalong that I cherish. I’m also pleased to learn that that location has enough sun for it. Thanks for visiting!

  7. Robin, I saw a comment from you on Pam/Digging’s blog and thought I’d mosey over here to visit. Your post on LAHRGHDT really interested me since I’m in the process of reworking a courtyard and hope to move on to back patios after that. I’ll be following your progress on the deck.

    I wonder if I could grow that Amethyst Flame iris here? Bearded iris typically don’t do well for us but maybe I can beg a division from Pam and see what happens!

  8. Welcome, Cindy. I’ve worked a bit on the deck as the kitchen remodel has progressed and I get kicked outdoors while the workers are here. I’ll post pictures again soon once I’ve done a bit more. It was fun getting people’s ideas to help. Ask Pam about Amethyst Flame; I’m still enjoying the blooms and hopefully will have one tomorrow for GBBD!

  9. Robin – Love that Amethyst Flame – what a striking color. And I would have bought that cute Columbine, too … what a show-off she is. I’ll bet she’ll whip your natives right into shape for you. The path looks great – how smart of you to use the tiles out there – that’s perfect for them and they look great with the glass. Drop my name any old time!

  10. Diana, good to hear from you! An interesting note about that Columbine. I found a few articles about a new heat-tolerant species called “Winkie” columbine, that has been grown successfully here apparently. The one that I bought is the Winkie (I learned) so there is the possibility that it might adapt and come back. That would be awesome. Have fun up there – we are back in sunshine today here!

  11. I’ve been popping into your blog every time I come in from the garden for a rest! You have so many of the plants I love (anything purple, old heirloom plants, any plant that might have been in my grandmothers’ gardens). When I came to the photo of the glass mulch, my mouth dropped open; it is like a pathway of glittering jewels. I am going in search of some! Maybe not for a path (too much for me to take on), but at least some for accents in my rock bed, or covering the soil in some of my pots! You take great photos, and I’m going away with lots of ideas I stole, er, uh, I mean borrowed from your yard.

  12. LOL, Nola! I “borrow” ideas from other blogs a lot myself. And the glass mulch is definitely the bling in my yard. I put a small path in the front yard as well; I like it just that much. The City of Austin offers it free of charge – there’s a link on that post called Glass Mulch Rocks – but if you only want a little accent, then you might consider purchasing it online (just google glass mulch and you’ll be amazed) in a color that you love. I’ve used over a yard of it making my paths, so free was the way to go for me. I love plants that remind me of childhood like Lantana and Iris, but I also love the new ones (at least for me) like Abutilon and all the Salvias. I’m glad I can be of some help to you!

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