Sometimes I surprise myself

It was too beautiful last weekend not to head to a nursery. Surprisingly, I wasn’t the only one who decided to go. Okay, apparently the entire town decided to join me at Natural Gardener. Can’t say that I blamed them.

I was shopping for plant ideas for my newly created bed. Walking around, I let the ideas flow until the right thing showed itself. When I walked by this Canna, I stopped in my tracks.


I don’t always love Cannas. However,  many varieties have a striped leaf that is great foliage in the garden, sometimes so great that the bloom becomes insignificant.

This one, however, is all about the bloom and the leaf both. I’ve never seen a Canna with a pink bloom like this with accompanying pink stripes.


Canna Lilly Pink Sunburst is now a feature in the new bed,  which is beginning its life as a home for plants that have either leaves or blooms in warm pink tones. I mentioned previously about a purchase that surprised me; I never expected that a Canna would go into the new bed. Much less one that cost almost $20! The full post about plantings in the new bed is coming together and will be up soon.

I’ll leave you with an image of the new catmint I also picked up at Natural Gardener. It is still in its pot here, waiting to be planted…



11 thoughts on “Sometimes I surprise myself

  1. Looks like the catmint is already being enjoyed. That canna is lovely; I like the canna tropicana for the leaves, but their little orange flower is not nearly as pretty as that one! Hope you are having better weather than we are here in N Tx; storms, wind and rain; no hope of gardening this weekend!

  2. Nola, the catmint was immensely enjoyed! We had hail the past two days, along with some blessed rain. No snow like far north Texas, though! And you know, I made an assumption from your blog url that you were in San Antonio! Where is your garden?

  3. Ya, I can’t go to Natural Gardener on the weekends any more. Too much of a nightmare especially at the bag-it-yourself yard. Still… I love Natural Gardener which means I’ll just need to go during the week days.

    Great post!

  4. It was rather stunning how many people were there, NSAR. I, too, normally go during the week, but I thought I’d give it a try. I felt like I was at the Neiman’s last call sale. And I’ve noticed that the prices seem a bit higher as well, ouch.

  5. In case Nola didn’t read your comment, she lives in Ennis, which is outside of Dallas. She has visited me twice here in Tyler. I’ll get there to see her one of these days. Now, the canna! It is magnificent. I have to have one or more for my garden. The stripe and texture in the leaves is just beautiful.

  6. Brenda, thanks for the info about Nola. I grew up in the DFW area, so I do know where she lives after all. That Canna is surprisingly beautiful and it is blooming magnificently. It had several buds on it when I purchased it and of course was a very healthy specimen, being from Natural Gardener. I love the pink stripes, too! I hope you can find one up your way. When I googled “Pink Sunburst Canna Lily” mostly it showed a grower in Florida with tons of them. I’m not sure how it ended up here in Austin, but I’m glad it did. Let me know if you find one.

  7. Great minds think alike, Robin– that Pink Sunburst canna was one of my insanely expensive purchases from the Plant Delights catalogue. I can’t believe The Natural Gardener got it in stock! And yours is at least three times the size of mine!

    But hey, your cat in the catmint makes me laugh. Just wait– you’ll find that there are more cats in your neighborhood than you ever suspected once you put it in the ground. You’ll find’m lolling in the catmint patch like a bunch of kitty stoners.

  8. Oh, and to chime in about the business of The Natural Gardener– I’ve been going during the week, and it’s still packed! It’s unbelievable. I’ve never seen it as busy before as it’s been this spring, and I’ve been visiting for years! The area’s getting built up so quickly, though, so I suspect that’s part of it. Just a year or so ago you could stand in the dirt yard, turn around 360 degrees, and there wasn’t a condo in sight.

    P.S. Canna “Pink Sunburst” is available through the Plant Delights catalogue here:

  9. So far my little kitty has bogarted the catmint all for himself, Lori! He certainly loves his garden even more now, though. And yes, the Canna I got is huge and covered with buds already. Where did you put yours?

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