Garden Bloggers Bloom Day- April, 2009

Many thanks, as always, to Carol of May Dreams Gardens for creating and hosting this monthly event in the world of garden blogging.

Many of you read my recent whine about feeling like my yard  looks just like the local Whataburger, so I set out today to prove myself wrong. With this bloom from a passalong rose from Lori/Gardener of Good and Evil, I think I achieved that!

Double Delight Rose is gorgeous, with a scent to match.

The Primrose Jasmine is at its peak.


The Mock Orange is just beginning. It will probably peak next week, especially if we get the “promised” rain in the forecast.


I didn’t even know that this recently planted Pittisporum bloomed, but it was covered with buds a week ago and these sweet, light yellow blooms have a fragrant scent to boot.


And I’m still loving my Double Ranunculus. It is going strong, with more buds to follow. These were bulbs picked up on a whim at Barton Springs Nursery last fall.


This most recent bloom on the same plant, though, is a single form.


This is my latest Ivy Geranium, a winter hardy geranium if I protect it from cold.


Another look at Double Delight from the front.


I finally got a decent photo of the bulbine.


The Abutilon is blooming. I love the variegated leaves with the busy, veined blooms.


And yet another Ivy Geranium. I love how you can see a bloom through the sheer curtains of the gazebo.


The Byzantine Gladiolus, an indulgence purchase from Southern Bulbs. Great color, aren’t they?


Coral Nymph Salvia Cocciniea. Molly Ivans is blooming in the front yard as well.


White Salvia Greggii, Pink Sunburst Canna, and The Flash peeking at me.


The Bottlebrush is just about to burst into blooms all over. I’m anxiously awaiting that, it’s a sight to see every spring.


Spotted Dead Nettle with Impatiens; a nice shade combo in a container.


A close-up of the Gladiolus.


Verbena is blooming in several colors now.



And this newly blooming plant just popped up as I was strolling through the garden taking pictures.


Other blooms are a kolanchoe, an aloe, ice plant, ajuga, red salvia, pink salvia, purple heart, and society garlic, bicolor Iris and butterfly Iris are just beginning.

24 thoughts on “Garden Bloggers Bloom Day- April, 2009

  1. I am totally cracking up at your picture of The Flash and the Pink Sunburst canna! He looks just like me when someone whips out a camera! 😉

    Did you notice how the stamens of the Ivy Geranium are the same color as the Byzantine Gladiolus? I thought it was cool. And the gladiolas are goooooorgeous. They look like they’d echo the color of my Maggie rose, so they’d totally work in my backyard. I’m putting them on my wishlist for fall.

  2. Lori, I always did think that you and The Flash resemble each other 🙂 . Both of you are so darn cute! I did notice how I currently have a lot of magenta in the garden, and that’s a good thing. But I didn’t realize that the glads and the geranium would look very cool together, except that one likes sun and one likes shade. Someday when I have glads to spare, you’ll be first on my list. The flowers are different than modern hybrid glads, which I also love, and its interesting to see how the flowers changed from the original form, isn’t it?

  3. LOL! Bottlebrush trees are pretty awesome, aren’t they? If we get rain, then mine will bloom up until the August heat, then a bit more in the fall. If no rain, though, I might only get the springtime blooms. They aren’t common here yet – not even the Whataburger has one!

  4. Holy cow! I’ve never seen most of these at Whataburger. And it’s okay to whine, it comes with the gardener’s manual. I want that Coral Nymph! And explore that ivy geranium, and the mock orange, and the bottlebrush. . .and. . .It all just looks lovely. Thanks for the great ideas! I think my favorite plant, though, is the black & white one that planted itself (and you’d never seen that at Whataburger)! Linda

  5. Linda, the black on white climbing, occasionally scented, aggressive but sweet Amore Felinus is hard to come by. I’m very fortunate to have located one that has chosen to thrive here in my garden. Unfortunately, it appears to be a sterile bloomer, otherwise I would be happy to share. And you’re right, Whataburger has nothing on me!

  6. Iris, Double Delight is a delight to me, that’s for sure. I’m new to roses, and I’m very lucky to have this mature plant with such a great, large, scented, bloom. I’m sure if there was a purple rose, you would have found it by now, right?

  7. Those Byzantine glads are such an eye-popping color … they make me smile whenever I see them. Those I planted in my more sheltered back garden are done blooming but the north-facing ones out in the rose bed just started blooming. I’m delighted I get to enjoy them a bit longer!

  8. Oh, that’s nice, to have the blooms staggered into a longer blooming time. Yes, the color is actually shocking in its intensity, and how it doesn’t fade. A great plant, isn’t it?

  9. Jenny, thanks. I happened to see the sun glowing through it as I walked across the yard. And the bloom is gorgeous, so it wasn’t hard to get a great shot!

  10. Your photos are grand. I especially love the first DD rose photo. Excellent!

  11. Your cat is priceless! And you have several plants that I’m more used to seeing as greenhouse specimens, so it’s lovely to see them growing naturally out of doors.

  12. I love the plant that popped up in the last photo; I have several of those and find them very challenging to “grow”.
    Your Ivy Geraniums are beautiful; you should devote an entire post to them sometime, I’d enjoy reading about them, as I’m not too familiar with that type.
    The glads are spectacular! I love those old hardy ones; planted some last fall, but no blooms yet; maybe next year.

  13. Linda, I have to assume we get much more sunshine here than you do. The south side of Austin, where I am, is zone 9, which is considered sub-tropical. No wonder it looks like a greenhouse yard to you! Thanks for visiting.

  14. Yes, the Amore Felinus plant can be challenging Nola, as it frequently goes dormant throughout the day. Funny you should mention it, just this morning I was admiring those Geraniums. I have one in complete shade, yet it still blooms. I’m sure I would get more blooms if it had a bit of morning sun, but it works in a spot where I want some color. When they get dappled sun or morning sun, they are just as happy as clams. That’s one reason I decided to try to keep them through the winter in my baby greenhouse, and I’m glad I did. I’m surprised your Glads didn’t bloom, are you even seeing greenery from the bulbs?

  15. Wow, Renee, thanks for saying that. It helps that I have a great camera. And that magenta is intense, isn’t it? I love boldness in people and flowers!

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