Update on LAHRGHDT Day

Last fall, I posted a plea for help with redecorating my deck, Let’s All Help Robin Get Her Deck Together Day. Many of you offered great ideas, and though it has taken me a few months to pull it together, I think I”m done for now.

Here’s what it looked like when I first asked for your help:


I needed the gazebo to feel more incorporated into the space, and I needed it to be more cozy.

First, I added curtains, which helped a lot. I painted a small table white, added white impatiens in a container that was my color inspiration, and found a rattan covered chair at the goodwill that I turned into a white footstool. I stuck with those changes for a while, sitting in it mornings and evenings to feel what else it needed. I soon realized it needed a space-defining rug to help connect all the different legs from gazebo, chairs, table and footstool.

I priced outdoor rugs in the size I needed, and determined that wasn’t in my budget right now. With the unexpected surprise of Colorado Summertime weather this past week, I took advantage of the cool air to paint a faux rug onto the deck.

First, I removed everything and taped off the area.


In keeping with my beach theme, I decided to paint beachy-stripes. That was also the easiest design – to just follow the deck strips. I had outdoor paint colors in my storage closet already, from past projects. (I’m a project queen; I always have to have a project going on or I’m bored out of my head).  Here’s where I started:


Okay, I liked it so far. When I removed the tape, though, I realized it needed an edge to define it. I opted for “faux fringe”. It’s my first attempt and it looks okay. Not great, but I can live with it. If I had had some stencils  on hand, I think a stencil-patterned edge would look better. Here’s what I had done after about three hours:


A closer look at the fringe:


I decided, as long as I had the paint out and I was covered in it, to paint a few pots to tie in throughout the yard with my color scheme:



So here’s the final product. Since the chairs are a bit too big for the space, I either need new chairs or I need to use a stencil to extend a pattern beyond the stripes so that the chairs’ back legs will all fit onto the “rug”.


And from the other side:


This entire gazebo project was very low budget, and I’m quite happy with it right now. I used regular indoor polyester curtains from KMart that were $5 each. We’ll see how they stand up to the summer heat and sun. If they last a year, then I’ve gotten my money’s worth.

It’s calm, serene and I love sitting out there with my morning coffee and watching the sunset. Flash the Wonder Cat approves, since he considers it to be his anyway.

Thanks, everyone, for your ideas.


24 thoughts on “Update on LAHRGHDT Day

  1. First, I thought your gazebo was the cutest I’d ever seen! I love that shape. Now it is just perfect! The curtains and “rug” just about complete it; I’d put up some tiny clear Christmas lights in the top of the gazebo. The fringe is cute, but you can buy inexpensive stencils for a border and tassels (I painted my bedroom floor and finished it with tassels a few houses ago), or cut make your own stencil. I can see you enjoying the fruits of your labor with a glass of wine and some mood music; you can wile away the summer there!

  2. It looks fantastic, Robin. What a softening and cozy-making change.

    I agree that your “rug” could be about a foot larger all the way around. I’m sure you’ll have it finished way before I get my pond project done! 🙂

  3. Very cool, Robin! (I’m a big painter of pots, too.) If the chairs are comfortable, I’d say keep them and add a bigger stenciled border (maybe in a bit bolder color to tie in the bolder blue of the chairs?) so they fit inside the “rug”.

    If the chairs are not that comfy or you’re not too attached to them, I’d say leave your lovely painted rug w/its fringe border and replace the chairs with some that are a little lighter in nature. Oops–sorry, I didn’t mean to go on and on. It looks great!

  4. Nola, thanks, I love that gazebo also. Yes, a stenciled border is probably next on the list, but since the heat is starting up again, it will probably be in the fall when that happens. There are lights in the top of the gazebo; you just can’t see them in the picture – I have a chandelier inside it that is really pretty. You can actually see it by going back to the first post that I referenced in this post, if you want. I would love to have seen your bedroom floor, too.

  5. Pam, it is definitely cozy, which I adore. Now that the heat is coming back, though, I made a promise to myself not to be out in the brutal temperatures this year like I was last year. The rug might not get expanded for a while! I can only think of you working on that pond project out there in the upcoming horrible heat. And it’s only May – four more months to go, right?

  6. Iris, those chairs are outrageously comfortable. Yes, outdoor wicker would be lovelier, I agree, but I can’t give these up yet. Also, there’s that budget thing to consider :). The bolder blue border might be just the ticket, though, to help tie it all in. Or perhaps a stencil that has bolder blue along with some of the other colors in the rug? And I love it that you went “on and on”! I love ideas from ya’ll.

  7. I love it – it’s so charming. I can see why you’d want to sit out there. The painted pots really help tie things together, and I love the idea of the rug. And the difference between the before and after is huge.

  8. Robin — It looks fantastic. Very cozy and very much like a little outdoor room. I should probably come sit in it to be able to evaluate it fully! Love the “rug” and the curtains. I have curtains stored away for my cabana that I never opened from a year ago — maybe you need to come consult and tell me what to do with them!

  9. We create gardens just to enjoy sitting in them, don’t you think? You have some amazing “before and after” pictures as well!

  10. Diana, I definitely think sitting in it is the only way to truly appreciate it, especially with cold beverage in hand. And I’m ALWAYS available for playing “decorator” with friends; one of my favorite things to do.

  11. Robin- Fabulous is the word. I can just imagine how wonderful it is to sit out there with your morning coffee-or all day for that matter. What a bargain for those curtains. who cares if they only last one season.

  12. Hey Girlfriend!
    Wow, you are quite the artist. I LOVE what you did with the colors. The pots are so cute and really tie in the scheme well. I’d love to sit out there with you and have a margarita! I think the fringe is adorable. Tell Flash that he is the luckiest cat in the world!!!!! Love you!

  13. I love it! What a creative girl you are! And the pots are a lovely extra touch to tie it all in. Just clicking up and down and staring at the fringe, and the fact that you want the “rug” to extend out more, I thought of one idea. But keep in mind, I’m not a girl with much sense about paint projects! You could extend a horizontal “border” with the same blue as the “fringe” you’ve already got going. All around the “rug.” Then an outer border in the yellow in a different size of border. Then if you really wanted to do it up you could add some blue dots like the pots to your yellow outer border. Hope that makes sense.

  14. Brenda, thanks for the good ideas, it does make sense. I definitely think extending the border is a must, but the project might not happen now until fall when cooler weather once again graces us. But who knows, maybe I’ll get a painting bug again soon!

  15. Robin, I really admire your creativity. The deck looks so cool and inviting now. I hope the summer weather will allow you to enjoy it for at least a few minutes each day!

  16. Cindy, thanks so much. I hope the weather will give me (us) a break, too! Mornings and Evenings aren’t too bad right now, as long as I have mosquito repellent. During summer, it’s usually only at night that I can be out there. How about you?

  17. Love it! The painted rug and pottery are particularly nice touches. You’ve given me tons of ideas to jazz up my boring patio (concrete slab with galvanized steel roof).

  18. Thanks, Caroline. You’ve got that great new flagstone walkway, so I wouldn’t call your place boring at all. And a metal roof over the patio sounds divine to me!

  19. Beautiful! I love the extra touches you added. I’m still working on improving our back patio. We opted for shade sails, which we love, but I really want to jazz up the old concrete and landscape around the exterior.

  20. Can you tell me more about that Ginger that you planted? Is it the edible kind? Is there a specific variety that you recommend?


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