It’s time to think about moving (again)

Temps reach 107 at airport today
Thursday, June 25, 2009, 05:16 PM

Austin recorded its second-hottest June day in history today, with temperatures reaching 107 degrees Austin-Bergstrom International Airport and 106 at Camp Mabry.

LCRA meteorologist Bob Rose said temperatures have reached that high in June only once — on June 14, 1998, when the temperatures at the airport reached 109 and the high at Camp Mabry was 108.


8 thoughts on “It’s time to think about moving (again)

  1. Jim Spencer commented tonight on the weather broadcast that Austin used to have only 10 days a year average over 100 degrees. It is now 12 days on the average. Today, we hit day 12, and we are still in June. Sigh. I moved away from here once because of the heat. Perhaps that time is coming again. No human should have to endure this, Pam.

  2. Wanna switch places? It’s a cool 102 here! The hottest summer in my memory is that of 1980; I don’t remember how hot it got, or how many 100+ days, but I was miserable. This summer seems like it might rival ’80. Anybody wanna take a road trip to Canada???????

  3. And could someone explain to me why I am still outside GARDENING in it? The heat must have fried my brain. How’s your garden faring, Robin?

  4. Diana, Last year I gardened in this heat. I swore “no way” this year, and so far I’m sticking to it. My garden is parched, dry and surviving for the most part, though nothing is blooming much. How about yours?

  5. Woohoo, Nola, put on a sweater! East Texas humidity combined with 100+ temps is tough to withstand. A Canadian road trip is sounding good.

  6. After going out to water stuff at 6:30 in the morning and coming back in sweaty, I’ve gotta agree with you. I’ve been casting envious looks at a lot of Portland gardens lately. Did you check out the portfolio of the people whose stock tank garden Pam was inspired by? I love everything about the look of those gardens, and lushness like that here requires intervention by the devil. Not that I’m not tempted. ;P

  7. Ah, yes, Portland must be glorious. Especially right now. On my trip to N. Carolina (that I haven’t blogged yet), I was astonished at the size of the plants that are minuscule here. And needless to say, it was less than 100 degrees daily. Austin, as we knew it, might be gone forever.

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