Blog Award

I’m pleasantly surprised to discover that my grumblings, rantings, and cussing about gardening in Austin has provided some entertainment for some of you out there. Diana, SharingNature’sGarden, has bestowed a blog award to me for a blog she enjoys reading!

While I am belated in acknowledging her compliments, it doesn’t mean I’m not flattered. Thanks! I never suspected that blogging would become an important part of my life – or more accurately, reading your blogs has become important to me. Documenting my trials and tribulations of learning to garden in a harsh environment has also been cathartic for me, in ways too boring to list here.

I want to pass this award along to a blog I enjoy, another Austin gardener with skills I can only appreciate with awe. Jenny, Rock Rose always has a beautiful blog and I learn something every time I visit. I hope you will visit her as well and read through many of her older posts to see her English Cottage garden in Austin.


5 thoughts on “Blog Award

  1. Well congratulations to you Robin and thanks for passing it on. I’m not sure what I am supposed to do or how I post it on my blog. You will have to share. Was yours the first award? I only hope my garden will come to life. Right now it is a horror story and has me down in the dumps.

  2. Jenny, I know what you mean about feeling down about your garden, though I have great expectations that yours will recover quite nicely. Diana, Sharing Nature’s Garden passed the award to me. I just cut and paste the award emblem for my post thanking her and passing it on to you. email me separately if you need more info that I’ll try to find out. And I love reading your blog even when you feel dumpy about your garden! I love the photos and I always learn something.

  3. Thanks for those kind words. I don’t think I can copy and paste with blogspot but I’ll give it a try. I’m glad we are getting rain today as my garden is so dry. Not sure about the next Arctic chill, though.

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