Bluebonnet carpet

Last Friday the weather was glorious – one of those rare, Texas days of 70 F and light breeze. Without a cloud in the sky, I never even broke a sweat as we toured central Texas looking at the enormous wildflower display of 2010.

I found the best fields of tall flowers outside of Bastrop, Texas, near Lost Pines State Park. As you can see below, you couldn’t have walked into the field without stepping on a bluebonnet. Not that I would have done such a thing!

And a bigger surprise to me was the variety of wildflowers blooming all at once  this year. Normally the flowers are spaced in timing, with Bluebonnets and Pinks leading the charge, followed by Indian Paintbrush and hardier yellow bloomers as the season warms up. This year, everything that ever laid a seed on the earth has sprung to full color. I even saw what I believe is native, wild Phlox for the first time ever.

I love the unusual combination found in the Lost Pines State Park of the pine trees mingling with Bluebonnets, below. Needless to say, I took many more photos of the stunning displays, but I’m sure you  have your own to look at as well. We’re having a lovely spring, aren’t we?


19 thoughts on “Bluebonnet carpet

  1. Wow. That’s some carpet – it just goes on and on. It is amazing to watch all of them bloom at once this year…Sounds and looks like you had a great day.

  2. Yes, and I only threatened to kill my dad once, so it was a good day all around. And yes, it did go on and on and on…the camera couldn’t capture it all!

  3. Breathtaking! Ours are starting to pop out, more and more each day. It’s going to be a beautiful bluebonnet year all over Texas. We deserve it, too after the horrible summer and winter we just endured!

  4. I saw fields of white prickly poppies, too, Jenny, but the lighting wasn’t good for a pic. Weren’t they amazing? I love the wild phlox!

  5. Your bluebonnet blues are so intense–great lighting for your pics! Did you start early? It’s good to know the views are quite as good going east as west.

  6. Pam, this was actually in the evening on the way home from our route. Heading out the lighting was bad, so we decided to come back by late in the day. The best fields of the trip were definitely Bastrop…further out it wasn’t any better than we have right here in town. I loved seeing that wild phlox, too!

  7. okay….this morning alone I have “run” across 2 postings on different sites about Blue Bonnets…I am thinking that it is a sign!! I need to get some of these started on our property!!

  8. Austin is surrounded by carpets of bluebonnets. I think we need to go east next weekend. Thanks for taking us along on the bluebonnet trail.

  9. East is lovely, Jenny, but no need to go all the way to Brenham. Bastrop was the loveliest spot! I want to head out to the highland lakes and see what’s out that way next.

  10. Hi Robin: I’m in the process of finishing my cookbook and was wondering if it would be ok for me to use the bluebonnet picture inside one of my cookbook pages. Thanks in advance for your feedback

  11. Heidi, I can’t give you that permission, sorry. I don’t own the land that the bluebonnets were on, and it wouldn’t be right for me to do that. Good luck with your cookbook!

  12. thanks Robin. I understand…Actually, I located one that I had taken a couple of years back that I will be using instead. Again, thanks for responding back to me

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