Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, April 2010

Carol of May Dreams Gardens invites us each month to display what’s blooming in our gardens on the 15th of every month. Though I missed it by one day, belated still counts in the gardening world.

While my garden is still getting her adolescent legs under her, she has lots of showing off happening right now. With coltish smaller displays, there is room to grow in between plants. As always, just wait till NEXT year, right?

Starting with my favorites, (don’t tell the others), the Yellow Sunny Knockout Rose is knocking me out (below):

It’s her first year in my garden (a birthday present to myself last fall), and she loves her new location. Here’s a closeup of the blooms; they open quite lemon yellow and a day or so later fade to a lovely cream. Combined with her rosy fragrance,  she’s quite the gal!

I like how she combines with Senorita Rosalita Cleome, a proven winner trialed by Pam/Digging and made all of us Austin bloggers clamor for one of our own:

A better look at Senorita Rosalita, one of 5 (yes, I said five) in my yard. A great annual for filling in empty spots that will someday be filled by nearby perennials:

Another top-of-my-list favorite is  Marilyn’s Choice Abutilon. Hardy and showy, she’s very happy in her morning sun location with rich soil:

I hope those same conditions are right for the white-blooming Diamond Frost Euphorbia, because I like the two of them together:

And one of the great joys of Bloom Day is that I always find a surprise waiting for me. Today’s shocker is this newly-planted-last-winter Camellia in bloom now! And to top it off, the plant tag had indicated a white bloom. So she really is quite the off-color jokester:

Verbena in many forms is off-the-charts gorgeous everywhere this year. I have several colors:

I love this combo of native Moss Verbena and Daylillies:

Mock Orange is always a lovely spring show, giving me blooms for about 3 weeks. Here she is, right on time:

Nearby, this is the first time I’ve gotten these two plants to bloom together, and I’m lovin’ it! Coral Honeysuckle with Primrose Jasmine:

The Byzantine Gladiolus returned this year with long-lasting show-stopping neon fuchsia blooms:

My acid-soil, morning sun container is so far working to give me that southern garden charm. I hope I can keep the stock tank container watered enough through the hot summer to keep everything alive. Here’s Autumn Belle Encore Azalea going to town in her Sunday best:

Next to her is the new addition of Clerodendron Bleeding Heart Vine, also known as Glory Bower:

I’ll finish out with photos of the other blooms; it’s quite a colorful show this spring!

Blackfoot Daisy

Chocolate Chip Ajuga, past its prime

Pink Ranunculus, a happy return from last year

A few yellow Columbine, a plant I have difficulties starting

The first few blooms have started on Gulf Coast Penstemon

Salvia Greggii White form

A new pink Abutilon

A new pink Abutilon

Salvia Coccinea Coral Nymph

It seems the whole country is in bloom! From gardens to wildflowers, check out the blogroll at May Dreams.


22 thoughts on “Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, April 2010

  1. Your Yellow Sunny Knockout Rose is SO pretty. I love how it mellows its yellow. I would never have thought of pairing Marilyn’s Choice Abutilon w/Diamond Frost euphorbia–makes a striking combo! That azalea barely looks real; it’s so fancy. More rain’s supposed to be on the way tonight. Yippee!

  2. Wow. What a lot of beautiful blooms, Robin. Love that Coral Nymph color. And I am so excited to see your southern planter full of non-traditional bloomers (for us, that is). You must hace the magic touch with those abutilons – they look great. Happy GBBD!

  3. Oh my gosh! This is beautiful. You’ve got some treasures there. I’ve simply got to find a spot for the yellow Knockout & pink abutilon. And some coral nymph. And that mock orange. Doesn’t look coltish at all. You’ve got a gorgeous garden!

  4. Gorgeous! Everything seems to be filling in and looking amazing. You have so many different plants that I haven’t tried. The Byzantine gladiolas and clerodendron look gorgeous, and I’m still so envious that your Sunny Knockout is 4 times the size of either of mine! They need to get growin’ because I’m getting impatient.

  5. Linda, that Yellow Knockout (and a double pink that didn’t bloom today) are my new faves, for sure. And the mock orange always says “SPRING!!!!” to me. Love your thoughts, as always.

  6. The abutilons must know how much I love them. I hope my non-traditional bloomers hang in there…it’s an experiment you’ve helped me with, so it’s all your fault if it doesn’t work (kidding, of course). Thanks for dropping in!

  7. I agree, that Azalea looks almost fake with the blooms – I couldn’t even picture them all. And the yellow knockout – I’m thrilled it is so prolific to be so young, I hope it continues to love its new home. It would look lovely with all your purple, don’t you think?

  8. I’m quite taken with that bleeding heart vine. Have you grown it long? How did it handle last summer’s drought and last winter’s freeze. If you’ve written about it before just give me the link.

  9. MSS, it’s a new purchase! I love it too, and I kick myself because there was one on sale at Natural Gardener quite cheaply that I passed up (it wasn’t in bloom so I didn’t realize how awesome it was), and I found this one in full bloom at Antique Rose Emporium. It likes neutral to acid soil, hence the need for a container and it is a tender perennial. It also likes to stay moist, so it might kick the bucket this summer. I’m trying it in my large stock tank with the azalea in the hopes that with that much soil, it won’t dry out as quickly. At Daves Garden, those in Florida consider it invasive:

  10. I’m so glad you’ve got some lovely blooms to console you for the recent inside woes. I hope my Marilyn’s Choice Abutilon settles into its new spot and looks as good as yours in due time!

  11. Cindy, the garden is always consolation, isn’t it? Even when it is frustrating cause of weather, digging in the dirt is great therapy. I also hope you enjoy your Abutilon, they seem to be delightful plants for our area so far!

  12. Oh! Your azaleas look fabulous! And they said it couldn’t be done. Stock tanks rule! I covet your Byzantine glads, and you’re making me miss my Coral Nymph salvia (I wish she was a hardier sort). Ooh, and that bleeding heart vine! So many pretties!

  13. Caroline, I had to purchase new Coral Nymph savlias, too – haven’t seen any returns from last year, but I couldn’t imagine my garden without them! Thanks for stopping by.

  14. It’s amazing what blooms come to one yard and not another in the very same town isn’t it? My Abutilon isn’t doing squat! Last year it was covered in blooms…it’s a mystery. I love some of your combinations and the honeysuckle photo with the sweet yellow blooms reaching up for a kiss is very sweet! Nice show!

  15. Cheryl, I love that honeysuckle/jasmine combo myself, and I’m happy that you noticed it. It’s one of my faves. Yes, plants do keep themselves a mystery, don’t they? Thanks for dropping by.

  16. What a lovely garden with such beautiful flowers. I’d like to quote John Ruskin ~ ‘Flowers seem intended for the solace of ordinary humanity’.

    Happy gardening!

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