Daylily Fiesta!

Remember all those daylily buds you saw if you dropped by for Design a Go Go? Today I have five varieties open, and I’m enjoying them all.

Above, the passalong Ditch Lily from Gardener of Good and Evil opened up amidst the waning larkspur.

Below, Princess Ellen daylily is blooming with a larger bloom this year than during last years drought.

Byzantine Beauty below insisted on facing into the sun for her pics.

My only spider daylily left, Heavenly Breezes below, poses nicely in the shade. I had other spider style daylilies, but I believe the squirrels stole them over the winter. Something dug them up, anyway.

My favorite (don’t tell the others) is Beyond Riches, pictured below. The butter yellow and ruffled tangerine edges just makes me smile.

My garden, with a wink, is bursting into bloom all over now that I’ve already had everyone over to see it. More to come!


15 thoughts on “Daylily Fiesta!

  1. Really like your remaining spider daylily (Heavenly Breezes); how much shade can it tolerate? May have to add that to my “gotta have” list.

  2. All of my daylilies get about 4 hours of sun a day. Maybe 5 at the most. Afternoon shade. Thanks for visiting, Ronny.

  3. Oh, these are just beautiful! I think I’ll have to start adding new daylilies. How long have these guys been around? Daylilies are among are special favorites.

  4. Linda, they were new last year! I’m surprised at the growth I’ve gotten given that they were planted right before the Summer of Hell II. I have a few more species waiting to bloom, but I’m thinking I need more variety as well. I just plant them in the daylily bed and let ’em go.

  5. Cindy, I’m pretty sure I ordered it online. I love the ruffled edge forms myself, want to get some exotics now that I now they’ll grow here.

  6. Jenny, I enjoyed that combo as well. It was one of those surprise combos that just happened – nature does a good job when I give her a chance, doesn’t she?

  7. Oooh, I’m jealous! All of your daylilies look spectacular. I especially love the spider lily. And I’m so thrilled to see that the ditch lilies from my WI garden are doing so well in Austin! Mine are bloooming like crazy too, and it’s the one thing in the front garden that you spot immediately from the living room window.

    My larkspur are completely done blooming now and going to seed. Oh, well, those purples were gorgeous while they lasted! I love how the orange and purple go together in your garden.

  8. I think it’s cool that the Wisconsin ditch lily is just happy wherever she is. It’s a lesson I should learn from her. I’m having a great year – all my daylilies are blooming their heads off, and some that have never before bloomed for me are blooming this year. It’s fun.

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  10. Oh my – how did I miss this post??!! That Heavenly Breezes is stunning. I might have to find myself one of those. She would be perfect for my hot Daylily bed. Now I have garden envy!

  11. I find it interesting, Diana, how everyone has chosen that one as their favorite. I love it, but I love the non-spider forms the best. Hopefully I’ll have Heavenly Breezes to share someday soon. All my other spider forms that I bought when we went to the daylily show/sale are MIA.

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