Yard of the Month Winner

About a decade ago, my little neighborhood began awarding a Yard of the Month award to encourage people to take care of their yards. At the time, the neighborhood needed that encouragement, I have to say. Over the past years, though, new owners have taken pride in their yards, as well as realized the need to create landscape other than a thirsty lawn. My hard work in the front yard paid off this month, as I took the award. I received gift certificates from our sponsors, Emerald Garden and Mandola’s Restaurant.

I have to admit I was surprised…my front bed spent the summer with NO blooms and dying plants. I found out recently that I’d had sprinkler head issues that I was unaware of, so nothing was being watered like I thought. Given that knowledge, I have to give kudos to these plants for even surviving. And bless ’em, they got a meager 1.5″ of rain after all that heat and all of those blooms that had been tucked inside decided to expose themselves.

I think it was actually the Fall Aster right on the front corner that won the prize.

Or maybe it was the Autumn Sage (Salvia Greggii) living up to its name with an autumn flush of hot pink blooms? (I just realized that there are buds on the Mexican Mint Marigold next to the Salvia! I didn’t see them until in this pic).

Perhaps it was the Variegated Dianella Flax Lily that stayed out of the sun all summer with its spot nestled against the north side of the house?

Or it could be the Blackfoot Daisies that stopped blooming in June and suddenly burst into flower as they cascade over the curb. Ruby Crystals Grass surprised me with another flush of blooms. Obviously, I hadn’t removed the dead spikes from the spring bloom cycle, since I didn’t go outdoors from May until the end of September.

Or maybe it’s my first ever Datura that I’ve successfully grown? Yes, this rampant grower has always died on my watch previously. This is from seed from Lori, Gardener of Good and Evil. I love how it located itself amidst the gomphrena.

Maybe it could be the impossible-to-kill Variegated American Agave, a passalong from Zanthan Gardens? I was thrilled when I found yellow-blooming hardy Ice Plant to accompany it. The yellow blooms pick up the yellow edges of the agave nicely.

It might have been the overall view.

Naaa. I’m pretty sure it was the Fall Aster.


23 thoughts on “Yard of the Month Winner

  1. Congratulations! Must say, I ain’t surprised. Wait till they see your backyard garden – maybe you’ll be the first to win the Backyard of the Month award!

  2. Ronny, thanks. However….the backyard is what really suffered this summer. I’ve removed a bed and pulled out what was dead. I’ve started adding back in some things to fill dead spots, so it is beginning to look ok, but I’m not exaggerating when I say I lost a lot. It was not lush at all this summer. I have plans to regain some, but it will take a while.

  3. Congrats! The yard is showing off nicely. Amazing how things have bounced back from the horrid summer and just seem to want to get their show on!

  4. The aster is definitely a stunner ! Mine looked so hum-drum until a few weeks ago. Wow ! What a difference a little time and temperature can make. Good job !


  5. In Central Texas, Fall Aster is aptly named for its stunning display only in the late Fall every year. I wish it were more frequent or longer because of that gorgeous color, don’t you?

  6. Robin!! Your garden is totally gorgeous! After watching your struggles the past few miserable years, you’ve created true art. You are way more than Garden of the Month: you’re a year-long treasure. But congratulations. Totally beautiful. Can you come do my garden?

  7. Everything looks like it’s responding happily to the cooler temps and sprinkling of water! Congrats, Robin – a much deserved award!

  8. congrats! what beautfiul asters – all the flowers look fabulous!

    thanks for your sweet comment. we needed it for sure! shannon’s feelings are really hurt.


  9. Joni, what on earth gets into some of your readers? I was nervous when you posted my modest home, thinking some of those anons would attack my low budget and mistakes as well (fortunately it didn’t strike them that way). I can completely understand why Shannon’s feelings are hurt, especially when she is obviously a social extravert that loves people. Why do they read a blog about design and expect it to never show various styles that might not fit their square pegs?

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