European Luxury in Unexpected Places

Many years ago, there was a gorgeous European Antique store named Homestead in the heart of Texas Hill Country, in Fredericksburg, TX. I used to make sojourns to Fred just to visit Homestead Antiques and Room No. 5, a textile/bedding nirvana. I easily spent hours looking at the pretties. Sadly, those two stores closed a few years ago, and my reasons to visit Fredericksburg diminished considerably. Other than for fresh peaches, of course.

Natural light throughout the store shows off not only the quality products but also the architectural detail of this 1895 building.

In 2005, I took a new route to my dad’s farm in Bumf..  Gorman, Texas. (Think middle of nowhere, northwest of Austin) Determined to find something interesting to look at along the way, I eyeballed the passing tiny towns that I hadn’t been in in centuries. Much to my surprise, I saw a large, gorgeously-old building with a sign painted on the side – Homestead – in a very familiar font. Could it be?

Unique and sizeable antiques are throughout the large space

Yes! Homestead Antiques relocated to Hico, TX. I have to admit, that sentence I just wrote really sounds like a mistake. Hico? Population 1,379, located about an hour and a half southwest of Fort Worth. Home to cows and cowboys, horses and cowgirls, a few old farts, and now a luxury decor boutique.

Quality European styled upholstery fabrics are very well priced and in stock.

I had to stop. And since that day, I’ve intentionally made this route to my dad’s farm the preferred route, just to get a hit of the glorious scenery in this fine store.

Linens off the shelf are predominately Peacock Alley, mixed here with custom and antique pieces

It’s hard to find European anything in Texas, and this store is worth the trip just to see their goods.

Lush Custom bedding is created with their Euro fabrics. (The colors in this are way off - my cellphone obviously isn't color-calibrated. It is truly luxurious and well done.)

You’ll find handmade items that I’ve not seen anywhere else. This antique gazebo that I lusted for was still strung with post-holiday lighting and an enviable shabby garland.

A closeup of that garland reveals some creative – and potential DIY idea – styling:

If I start now, I should have enough garland to use by next Christmas

And there are a few pieces of whimsy around:

Who wouldn't put a corset on their lamp?

Look closely. This flower is actually the opened leathers from an old baseball!

Custom furniture can be ordered, and there are many one-of-a-kind antique pieces as well:

I just had to share my enjoyment of this store – I asked the owners if I could take photos and she readily agreed. While many the darker tones don’t fit my current beachy-theme style, the architectural interest of all of their items lends to many styles. If you are looking to take a drive in the country sometime, put this one on your list.  If you get on their email list, you’ll be notified of their big Antique Festivals that they host several times each year.

PS: My dream store, Room No. 5, briefly opened in Hico as well. Sadly, the timing was at the same time as our economic downturn, and they just couldn’t make it.  Homestead appears to be doing just fine!

6 thoughts on “European Luxury in Unexpected Places

  1. Wow! I thought they were gone forever. They used to have the world’s best vintage button collection. Great for making jewelry or adding a little pizazz to clothing.

  2. I love visiting Hico and Homestead is an exciting destination each time I visit. Can’t wait to go again.

    Rifle, Colorado

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