Hardy Ice Plant and Agave

Last year, in the Summer That Never Quit (I was just waiting for locusts to appear, I figured we were going to be goners) — this hardy Ice Plant remained mostly dormant in survival mode. With the wonderful news that La Nina appears to be over and with welcomed rains, cooler weather and basically no winter, it has completely taken off in every direction.

Now, it lushly falls over the stock tank, which is exactly what I wanted. Today when I was working outside, I saw the light on this planned combination and just had to take a photo. The Variegated American Agave’s yellow edges combine perfectly with those hardy yellow blooms, just as I’d hoped.

Do you have combinations that have worked for you? It seems such a rarity that Mother Nature cooperates around here!


9 thoughts on “Hardy Ice Plant and Agave

  1. What a stunning combination. I have never had success with this ice pant. It has always died. However, my red one is having a stunning year.

  2. Jenny, I’m hoping the magenta one nearby will also have a good year this year and spread. Such a great groundcover, isn’t it?
    Diana, thanks for dropping by!

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