Chocolate Chip Manfreda Bloom

Two years ago, I was the fortunate recipient of a passalong from Eleanor, Garden of E.. At the time, this Chocolate Chips Manfreda was a pup with no roots (does that mean it was a stray?) Surviving the Summer of Beyond Hell, it rewarded me this year with a most unique bloom spike. 5′ tall at least, reaching toward the mid-day sun.

This tough succulent fills a container that I had struggled finding something for. I love how the curving foliage follows the shape of the pot! It would most likely be a bit happier with wavier leaves in more sun, but this baby is staying put right here.

Really, how much more cool could this bloom be? Purple, aqua, yellow, green….thanks, Eleanor!


6 thoughts on “Chocolate Chip Manfreda Bloom

  1. I too have one that i love. I am not sure when to cut the “done blooming” stalk …ANY sugg

  2. You can cut the stalk down to the agave base anytime after it has bloomed, or you can leave it there into the cold months for interest.

  3. Three years ago I traveled to Oregon for a PPA meeting and bought my Manfreda CC from Cistus Nursery. It was a beautiful leaved plant and have enjoyed it outside and then brought it in for the winter. Outside in Northwest Indiana is no place for this baby. A week ago I noticed it was getting a stalk and flower bud. I thought, great, a little color for winter. Imagine our surprise when it has grown 39″ in a week! And it has not bloomed yet. Your pictures wet our appetite for what to expect. Some fun for us cabin fever people.

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