Bloom Day May 2012

One of many varieties of daylilies in my yard. Maybe “Beyond Riches”.

It’s been a while since I’ve written up a bloom day post. The most important thing that contributed to this one is Blessed Rain! While our drought isn’t over, we are no longer in exceptional (as in unheard-of, inhuman, unliveable) drought. The plants this spring have certainly responded with the same thankfulness.

Planting yarrow near daylilies brings beneficial insects to a daylily bed. This purple yarrow is a new one, and I love it mixed with variegated ginger.

These are the blooms from my Back Yard garden. The front is still growing and filling in, so I’ll save it for next month.

I got this one at the Zilker Bulb sale, but can’t recall the name. It’s its first bloom ever, and I’d forgotten about the purchase until I saw it today.

After last year’s truly horrendous extreme garden hell, I removed a large bed in my backyard. I covered the area with mulch for walking and soil protection, then couldn’t resist adding this corner grouping of tough plants for a focal point.

My old horse trough and some passalong metal tubs from a neighbor made a great grouping for Beautyberry, Dianella Flax Lily, Coleus, Columbine and some annuals.

When I removed that bed, the few surviving plants were used to fill in dead spots in other places. Between that, the rain, and my finally learning the right places for the right plant, my yard is at last starting to have that lush feeling I’ve been hoping for for over 5 years.

Cast Iron, Elephant Ears, River Fern, Ruellia, African Hosta, and lots more are looking good.

I can’t resist one more daylily:

Oops, this might be Beyond Riches instead of the first one.  I think they are finally large enough to divide this fall and add to other beds.

I just HAD to add some more agapanthus to one bed. Not only do I love those occasional blooms, I enjoy the strappy evergreen leaves year round, adding to my tropical lush feel.

A surprise white one showed up admist the lavender. I like it!

One of my five Rose of Sharon shrubs is putting on its prolific show. I love every one of these for their (again this word) tropical feel and so danged easy to grow.

It’s so easy to grow Rose of Sharon (Althea); just cut off a branch and stick it into the ground. Seriously. Sun or shade, it just grows. Gotta love that.

Lastly, a spider daylily that is almost hidden now by a Sweet Almond Verbena. Definitely it will get moved to prime real estate in the fall.

I have absolutely no idea the name of this classy Daylily, but I do love it!


10 thoughts on “Bloom Day May 2012

  1. Your garden looks just wonderful, Robin. I love the trough and buckets. I keep seeing yarrow everywhere and think I’ll have to introduce it to my own space.

  2. I love the trough and buckets as well. That rusting on the trough and the trailing vines give it a real “I’ve been here forever” feel.

  3. Lovely daylilies! And I like that grouping of plants in the metal containers. So glad you’re getting rain. I think 5 years is about right for getting a garden looking lush.

  4. I LOVE your metal tub container garden, adorable! And that one corner is looking so tropical and greeeeeen. It just doesn’t look like Texas!

  5. I love your metal tub vignette. Very nice. My day lilies are in full swing today. I have one that I picked up at the Zilker sale years ago that looks like yours. I think it was called Red Robin. I always remember that one because my sister’s name is Robin too.

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