Design-a-Go-Go is now Gone Gone

The month of May brought many projects to me. An unexpected bathroom remodel due to a water leak, a huge deadline at work that had me working crazy hours, and 3 water leaks in the sprinkler system. (This house has water karma, I’m just sayin’.)

But all of those challenges were eclipsed by the fun I had hosting our monthly Design a Go Go for Austin Garden Bloggers yesterday! What an amazing group of people make up the Austin gardening clan. Fun, friendly, and generous with knowledge, ideas and passalong plants. I wish I could show you what it looked like with 16 gardeners running around, but of course in my excitement I didn’t take a single photo. So use your imagination, and I’ll bet even that won’t be as great as it really was.

The garden at least looked polished from the new mulch I discovered that has a lovely black color and fine texture. Let’s don’t mention that I was out there the night before the party putting it in because of my crazy schedule. (No wonder it looked so fresh and clean, right?)

The most wonderful part of the day, besides the great friends and the cool metal grasshopper from Bob at Draco, was knowing that my challenging areas are not uncommon to other gardeners. I always consider myself to be rather inept when it comes to plants (I know how many I’ve killed over the years, and put them where they didn’t want to be, and moved them from place to place trying to find a solution, and kicking myself for buying tender delicate plants that are oh,so,pretty and on and on)…so it felt good to know that areas that get afternoon sun only are challenging for many Austin gardeners.

My thanks goes out to all of you who came, and I hope to see ya’ll next month! This is an enjoyable social event with benefits for everyone to share knowledge, enjoy a gardening gathering, and gain inspiration from everyone else’s ideas. Austin Bloggers rule!