Speaking of Good Nurseries, Agave is a fun one to check out.

Another nursery story now, with a happier ending than the last post. After reading the book I reviewed last week, Designing with Succulents by Debra Lee Baldwin, I decided I was ready to begin my succulent garden. I headed out to a place I have visited previously, but at that time wasn’t armed with the knowledge I gained from reading that book. I was really able to appreciate this nursery so much more this time around.

Agave Landscape and Nursery specializes in cacti and succulents, with some very cool choices and exotics that I haven’t seen in other nurseries around. (Though I’ve heard that Gardens has some great succulents, but I haven’t  yet gone to see).  Owned and operated by a young couple, its only less than 3 miles south of the Y in Oak Hill, out 290 West. Great service, fun visit, an easy drive.

I’ll be posting pics of my new succulents and the arrangement I did with it as soon as I get them off my camera. I spent 20 hours over the last two days in the Garden, and finally finished some incomplete projects. It feels so good!

WordPress is having photo issues right now, and photos are randomly not displaying. I’ll post my succulent images and new work after they are back up and running.


Why I won’t give this nursery any more of my dollars

Since I live in South Austin and I have a pond (now much smaller, thank goodness), I have frequented the nursery near here that specializes in ponds, Emerald Gardens. They moved a few years ago from the Y in Oak Hill to a spot along the 290 frontage road. Over the 8 years that I’ve been going there, I have often complained about the treatment that I get from the staff and owners there.

There is one gentleman who only works weekends that is a joy to work with, and there is one guy that is a regular during the week who is randomly in a good mood or bad mood, and every one else, including the OWNERS themselves, are consistently crabby and rude.I know I’m not alone in this, as I have neighbors who have voiced the same opinion to me.

However, today was the final straw! I dropped by to check prices on a Loquat Tree that I’m putting into the spot where I took out two yucky Photinias. As I drove up, I saw they had recently gotten some flat limestone that would work as steps into my new patio area, something I’ve been on the lookout for.

While walking around and checking out plants, I had a few questions about names of some of the new things they had in stock. The closest person to me was the toothless guy that works there a lot, and he was in too much of a hurry to go sit inside in the air-conditioning to be bothered with questions. He tossed out an answer as he walked away from me.

I gave up on the plants and decided to look at the step stones. I saw the owner and told her I wanted to get some rock. She knows I’m a regular and  knows I’ve spent money there over the years. She didn’t bother to look up, but instead told me “to take a cart with me, put the ones I wanted on the cart and bring them back to be weighed”. I told her I would try to do that if I could pick them up. She didn’t reply, nor offer to send anyone to help me. She just continued watering her plants with her usual frown. I’m convinced she has permanent PMS, based on all the dealings I’ve had with her.

So I drag the cart out to the rock area (not close) and selected two stones that turned out to weigh 50 pounds each. I chose the cart that I did because it was the lowest one to the ground they had, knowing that I might have trouble lifting a stone higher than that. So I lugged two 50 lb rocks to the cart and wheeled it back for weighing.

I came in, told them I was ready, and Mr. Toothless came out to “help”. He immediately said to me (I kid you not) “I know you come in a lot. Next time you get rocks, put them on one of these taller carts”. I told him I couldn’t lift them that high. He said nothing. He moved the stones to the scale, weighed them and left without ever saying another word after chastising me. He came back out and said all the info was now with the cashier.

The young cashier has been there a while, too (probably a daughter of the owners) and they have done a good job of training her not to smile. She’s competent, but not friendly or nice.

I checked out, (and mind you, this entire time I have been their only customer on the lot. They are NOT busy), loaded the heavy stones by myself into my vehicle with no offers of assistance, and left that place furious and mad that I’ve given them so much money over the years. I do this in Life a lot – let people treat me like crap and then go back for more. I am planning to write a review in citysearch for their nursery, but I will wait until I’ve calmed down a bit.

The good news is, I went to my most favorite nursery, Barton Springs Nursery, and bought a gorgeous Loquat and some Tangerine Beauty Crossvines. I’ll post pics once the work is done.

Thanks for listening to my rant!