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One of these things doesn’t belong

Looking through some old photos, I found this one of my new pantry, taken shortly after my new kitchen remodel was completed.

It’s easy to play the childhood game of “One of these Things Doesn’t Belong”, don’t you think?


The Flash

I haven’t yet really expounded on one of the loves of my life…The Flash! This guy is one of the most interesting cats I’ve ever been honored to share space with (and I’ve shared space with many, many over the years). He adopted us one day when he was only four months old…walking the streets, looking for a new sucker home. I invited him inside, and he promptly went to the kitchen, where he turned down everything I offered him. Little did I know at the time, this independent guy probably was plenty full from his athletic ability to gather food in any form.

And he IS independent; I have a feeling he abandoned his first home himself because his “owners” wouldn’t let him go outdoors enough. He MUST be outdoors; there’s no such thing as him being an indoor cat. (and please, refrain yourself if you have strong opinions about outdoor cats. This is the first one I’ve ever had like this, and there’s just no changing him). The good thing is, he stays close, in our yard or in a neighbor’s (who adores him), and he has a 10:30 curfew. I do make him sleep inside at night, when he turns into a sweet snuggler.

He got his name because of his amazing, lightning speed. I’ve never seen an animal move as fast as this guy can, whether it is up, sideways, straight ahead or backwards. It seems like magic when he decides to move; first you see him, then you see him elsewhere.

So I snapped a pic today while I was outside trying to get a good pictures of my Ivy Geranium that’s blooming…it’s a little fuzzy, so I’m going to try again tomorrow. And my bottlebrush is looking like it is about to explode with color (that tiny rain we got just made it SO happy), and my Flowering Senna is finally flowering! More pics on the way, but I couldn’t resist the obligatory cat picture on my garden blog.