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Garden Bloggers Bloom Day- April, 2009

Many thanks, as always, to Carol of May Dreams Gardens for creating and hosting this monthly event in the world of garden blogging.

Many of you read my recent whine about feeling like my yard  looks just like the local Whataburger, so I set out today to prove myself wrong. With this bloom from a passalong rose from Lori/Gardener of Good and Evil, I think I achieved that!

Double Delight Rose is gorgeous, with a scent to match.

The Primrose Jasmine is at its peak.


The Mock Orange is just beginning. It will probably peak next week, especially if we get the “promised” rain in the forecast.


I didn’t even know that this recently planted Pittisporum bloomed, but it was covered with buds a week ago and these sweet, light yellow blooms have a fragrant scent to boot.


And I’m still loving my Double Ranunculus. It is going strong, with more buds to follow. These were bulbs picked up on a whim at Barton Springs Nursery last fall.


This most recent bloom on the same plant, though, is a single form.


This is my latest Ivy Geranium, a winter hardy geranium if I protect it from cold.


Another look at Double Delight from the front.


I finally got a decent photo of the bulbine.


The Abutilon is blooming. I love the variegated leaves with the busy, veined blooms.


And yet another Ivy Geranium. I love how you can see a bloom through the sheer curtains of the gazebo.


The Byzantine Gladiolus, an indulgence purchase from Southern Bulbs. Great color, aren’t they?


Coral Nymph Salvia Cocciniea. Molly Ivans is blooming in the front yard as well.


White Salvia Greggii, Pink Sunburst Canna, and The Flash peeking at me.


The Bottlebrush is just about to burst into blooms all over. I’m anxiously awaiting that, it’s a sight to see every spring.


Spotted Dead Nettle with Impatiens; a nice shade combo in a container.


A close-up of the Gladiolus.


Verbena is blooming in several colors now.



And this newly blooming plant just popped up as I was strolling through the garden taking pictures.


Other blooms are a kolanchoe, an aloe, ice plant, ajuga, red salvia, pink salvia, purple heart, and society garlic, bicolor Iris and butterfly Iris are just beginning.

Fall Colors and Confused Plants

We have had a delightful fall once October started. Still dry as a bone, but the cooler weather, especially the cooler nights, have helped the plants immensely. I can almost hear them give a big sigh of relief without the searing, killing heat of the summer. The Pyracanthea is in full berry right now, a definitive harbinger of autumn. This hardy tree is struggling, though you might not know it. It was overgrown and out of control when I bought the house, and the thorns were terrible. I cut it back tremendously two years in a row, and then I tied it up to the house so it would stand upright and away from passersby. All of the changes put it into shock, and I’m not sure if it will ever recover at this point. The top half completely died away. However, I actually like the smaller size of it now, if it will fill in through the branches.

If I didn’t know better, though, I would think this was spring! My yard seems to be suffering from a rampant case of Seasonal Confusion Syndrome (SCS).

This Photinia sends out new red leaves every spring, and apparently occasionally in the fall in years when we jumped from winter to summer with no Spring. I love those colors, even though I don’t love the tree because of its tendency toward diseases and short life.

I took advantage of fall planting season to plant a new bed of Bicolor Butterfly Iris. I was pleased with myself that I had prepared the bed in August, cleaned it up and laid on a 3″ layer of organic compost from Natural Gardener. That bed is healthy! The Iris obviously agrees, as it sent up a bloom – again, an early spring bloomer under normal circumstances.

I have lived in this home for 9 years now, and this Mock Orange blooms beautifully every March. In fact, it’s one of my early indicators that the Spring Garden has awakened. Last week, it sent out this single bloom! What’s happening in my yard? Is it a time warp? Something wacky in the space-time continuum?

This Loropetulum blooms every Spring AND Fall, so it seems to be acting normal.

Another look at the Pyracanthea.

And the remaining berries on the Beautyberry.

And perhaps it isn’t confused plants I’m seeing, but a confused Gardener looking at nature’s impromptu celebration? We didn’t have Spring this year, rather we jumped into the worst Summer in over 50 years in Austin. These plants are feeling frisky in the welcome weather, just like we are. What Fall/Spring things are happening in your yard????