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Flowering Senna finally does

Last spring, when I undertook this Year of Remodeling in the yard, I planted a lovely Flowering Senna in the front bed. I love the shape of the leaves, and this is a great butterfly attracting tree. It also fits in nicely with my purple and yellow color scheme in the front of the house.

Truthfully, in the record-breaking heat and drought this year, I just wanted it to survive to bloom another day. However, this hardy plant fooled me and showed up anyway! She just started to flower this week, and look at those buds showing me what’s to come!

After a nice feeding, my sweet little Ivy Geranium decided to play along (notice again the purple coloring; this shade shows up a LOT in my yard).

And, I’m really happy about this one. At the same time I planted the Senna, I also planted a Rose of Sharon, aka Althea. I love these shrubs and have been jonesin’ for one for several years. I decided to test out a new bed in the back yard – I didn’t know if she would get enough sun or not. And this is another shrub that I babied through her first year in this Summer of Hell ’08. She’s covered in buds for the second time this year, and here’s her first flower of the late summer. I guess the one day of overcast skies that I had last week convinced her life was worth living after all. However, this bloom is so interesting. It looks like a double bloom, though her Spring flowers were singles. As she matures, it will be fun to watch to see what kind of blooms she decides upon.

Here’s a couple of shots:

And another angle:

Just to compare, here’s the pic I took in May with her first blooms:

I think these flowers are gorgeous! Here’s hoping she stays happy in her spot that is once again covered inches deep in fresh organic Revitalizer compost and mulch after yesterday’s hard work.