One of these things doesn’t belong

Looking through some old photos, I found this one of my new pantry, taken shortly after my new kitchen remodel was completed.

It’s easy to play the childhood game of “One of these Things Doesn’t Belong”, don’t you think?


17 thoughts on “One of these things doesn’t belong

  1. I actually bookmarked your kitchen remodel because we’d planned to do something very similar. Now we’re nearly finished and I am thinking of new shelving in the laundry room. Any idea where your pantry shelving is from? Thanks!!

  2. It all looks perfectly normal to me! Well, maybe a bit odd, because you only have ONE cat in the pantry; around here there’s usually at least two, sometimes more. How is Flash feeling these days?

  3. Sarah, the pantry – sans cat – was custom built by our contractor. It’s just wooden shelves. can’t wait to see pics of your new kitchen!

  4. Hi Jonio! I adore your blog and it’s a treat for you to visit mine. Can’t wait for that Houston roadtrip to Olivie. And yes, it’s definitely the Ozarka….

  5. Okay – that is NOT what I was expecting when I went to your blog! I thought…a live plant among the dead…or, a dead plant among the live. Not a cat in the pantry! But he looks right at home there, I must admit. I hope he’s feeling much better. (And you, too.)

  6. He IS pretty darn cute, if I say so myself. He is better today, as am I…the wonders of modern chemistry! Thanks for visiting, hope you are recovering from your weekend…

  7. And one would never want to run out of cats, right? We’re both we’re feeling better, Cindy. It was quite the week last week! Thanks for visiting.

  8. Hey Robin,
    I’m late coming to this entry, but could not resist saying: Your cat is extremely adorable! I love black & white cats. Our favorite cat of all time was a smart, sweet b&w female named Tinker. Gosh, we still miss her after all these years. So, I’d say your pantry looks purrfectly fine with your kitty in it. “Nothing to see here…move along.”

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